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Arranging trips for our international guests to Germany is one of ASTUR's most original areas of expertise. Ever since our foundation 1986, we have been providing groups with great travel experiences in Germany and Europe. Over the years, our services have become more and more diverse, enabling ASTUR to integrate individual requirements and wishes effortlessly into the arrangement of any group travel programme. Through modularisation we can assemble programmes for the unique purpose of any group.

Our experience allowed us to establish a number of basic travel frameworks, which we then work on to create your individual programme. The following tiles are to guide you to more detailed descriptions of such programmes, including a few samples of what trips we prepared in the past.

Class trips to Germany
Our biggest strength lies in providing adolescents and young adults from an international background with the opportunity to travel to Germany so that they may enjoy themselves, feel welcome and possibly learn something new. The ASTUR network of host families offering homestay accommodation supports us in our efforts. This so-called "Incoming Travel" lies at the heart of our daily business. We rely on our long-time experience to assist you in creating the right travel itinerary. You can count on us booking activity programmes or transfer services for you. Should you require hotel or residence accommodation, feel free to ask. Everything you need to know about class trips to Germany can be looked up here.
Class trips abroad
Thanks to the extensive business contacts, which ASTUR was able to establish over the years, we are also capable of providing group trips to a number of countries in Europe to different kinds of groups. Such programmes can be tailored to the needs of various communities looking for international class trips, club or association trips, study trips or language stays. The panel of international group travel will explain in more detail which programme is best suited for your group.
Study tours
We at ASTUR use the term Study Tour for extended group trips, leading participants through several European nations. Such programmes are most appealing to our overseas partners, keen on gaining particular insight into European culture. Emphasis of such study trips lies on intercultural experiences - including the subtle idiosyncrasies between Italy, Germany, Belgium and France for example - as well as educational background information on European history, fine arts, architecture and daily life. Should you be interested in these study tour opportunities, you will find further details here.
Delegation travel
This variation of classic group travel programmes by ASTUR revolves around business or scientific delegations. In contrast to ASTUR usually providing travel opportunities for adolescents and young adults, delegation travel focuses on more professional content, including lectures at German universities or leading business corporations. Further details can be accessed via this link.
Group travel with emphasis on language
The term Language Travel refers to all travel programmes with a strong focus on the acquisition or improvement of language skills - with the exception of ASTUR Language Camps. Language travel may be arranged with destinations in Germany and abroad. More about the language travel possibilities and the advantages to be gained from a language trip can be found via this link.
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and discuss everything related to your group travel ideas.

Group travel customisation

There is a vast number of modifications which can be made to the group travel framework, so that the trip, we put together for you, meets your demands and focal points. Through customisation we can ensure that our offer features everything you had in mind. While assembling your programme, ASTUR provides a high level of transparency and flexibility, negotiating favourable rates with activity providers and reacting to your requests to adapt the programme. In general the process of creating a group trip follows three steps, explained below:

Step 1: Your idea

The endeavor to travel abroad on a group trip is always fueled by a purpose: a class trip, a club anniversary, an educational travel opportunity? ASTUR assembles your programme, depending on your group's mentality and the ideas which you have in mind. We are at your side at every step of the way - from early idea discussions up to the last final detail.

At first, a definite destination and travel period have to be decided on. Where does your group want to go, when is a convenient time for everybody? Even at such early stages ASTUR can offer you the first pieces of advice about which region at which time of the year is particularly suited for your travel ideas. Deeper insight into the regions, where we provide our services and what they have to offer, is available at our destination overview.

Step 2: Customisation
A number of smaller details have to be specified while assembling your group trip programme; and ASTUR will stay at your side throughout the process. As soon as you have decided where to take your group and know when everybody will be ready to go, ASTUR can begin to fill your programme with life. What level of comfort would you like to enjoy? Which free-time activities would you like to attend? What kind of transfer service would you like to implement? To answer all these questions, and even more, ASTUR can rely on year-long experience in the field of organising and running group travel programmes. We are happy to discuss the following details here:
Step 3: ASTUR specials
As soon as the framework of your group trip is put together, we are keen to fill it with life. This is the moment for the various ASTUR specials to shine. With their help we can transform a standard group trip into an unforgettable experience. ASTUR specials comprise Language Courses - we are a language tour operator after all - as well as Programme Booking Services, not to mention the insider tips at our disposal, and ASTUR-Educational Services.
Language courses

As a long-time language tour operator, it goes without saying that any group travelling with ASTUR can effortlessly book an additional language course tailored to participants' demands and requirements.

When a group is interested in such an addition, it is important to us to confer with group leaders/teachers about how language classes should be designed with regard to content, number of lessons and educational goals. We can choose from a library of educational material and thus are able to implement all teacher requests - whether lessons should focus on grammar, oral text production or listening comprehension, or talk about history, news of today or pop culture.

All details about how ASTUR designes its language courses can be accessed via this link.

Programme Booking Service

Only an exciting activity programme turns a group trip into a true adventure! We gladly assist you in arranging an activity programme for your group. Our Center Managers on site know all about their home cities and regions, being up to date about local current hypes. Thanks to the ASTUR staff, we can provide you with a few insider tips here and there.

Besides, we happily provide our experience of booking activity programmes. There are those group leaders who are very enthusiastic about their trip. So they try and include as many activities as possible into their programme. It does happen, at times, that other important factors don't receive a lot of attention, such as adequate planning of transit periods or participants' capacities to take in new information or general perseverance. ASTUR has been arranging activity programmes for decades and is aware of the mindsets of group leaders as well as participants. We can keep an eye on programmes being neither overwhelming nor boring for anyone.

You are more than welcome to draw inspiration from the programme suggestions at our Destination Overview and find out which activities are best-suited for your group at various ASTUR destinations.

ASTUR Educational Services

ASTUR provides an integrated educational concept, assembled to the individual requirements of each group. This learning material comprises information about visited sights, quizzes, puzzles and questions to stimulate debate. All learning material is adjusted to the average age and main fields of interest of each group. Responsible teachers / supervisors receive answer sheets to all questions and further pieces of information .

It is important to us that students learn cooperatively, complete tasks in a sel-regulated way and approach difficulties with a focus on problem solution. Subjects range from architecture, geography, literature, science, politics or the fine arts among others.

Group travel examples

There are plenty of options available to you, when you set out to create a group travel programme according to your own ideas. This way, we can make sure that our offer to you matches exactly what you had in mind when thinking about your trip. During planing phase we offer transparency and flexibility, looking for favourable rates when it comes to activities you want to include, adapting quickly to your requests to change things around. The majority of group travel programmes we put together may look like these sample programmes:

Presenting ASTUR destinations

It goes without saying that ASTUR offers its programmes in a larger variety of destinations than our most frequently booked trips may suggest.  Thanks to our extensive network of host families we are capable of offering group travel programmes all across Germany.

In total there are six main destinations. After you picked one, there is still ample opportunity to go into more detail. The list goes as follows:

On the following pages ASTUR presents our destinations in more detail. Just follow the link to find out all there is to know about them.

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