Overview of our portfolio

When looking for educational and fun travel services, you have reached the right place: ASTUR offers a total of 5 product areas which all rest on one or more of our four fundamental pillars, education, travel, language and exchange. In this context ASTUR can provide students and older participants with tailor-made travel services with an educational character. The wide age bracket of our customers ranges from young camp participants aged 8 to groups of pensioners who travel to Germany as "senior language students".

The following boxes shall give you a brief explanation of the services provided in each area. Please feel free to browse.

Camps are the perfect opportunity for young participants to enter the world of language travel. Camps offer the most secure and supervised environment for the youngest students, with programme activities adapted to their requirements. If you are interested in the idea of attending a summer camp, you have a variety of options to choose from. We offer classic language camps as well as sports camps and even creativity and adventure camps. We are sure you will find something, which best matches your summer camp expectations.
Highschool programmes
Experience everyday life at a German Highschool! Should you be interested in attending school in Germany, we may have the right programme for you. ASTUR has in its portfolio two different opportunities for you to go to an ordinary German Highschool: You can apply for a short-term School Immersion (1 - 4 weeks) or o long-term Academic programme (3 - 12 months of Highschool stay). Both offers place you at a regular state-recognised Highschool. Through our homestay accommodation your host family will welcome you as a new member of their family.
Group travel
Ever since ASTUR was founded in the year 1986, we have been organising and running group travel services for our participants. Beside the most traditional school class trips, we also offer individually arranged group travel programmes to Germany and Europe, ranging from trips for clubs or societies and groups of undergraduate students to language study programmes for participants of all ages. In the group travel area of this website we explain in detail, how we can arrange travel programmes best-suited for your group.
Pathway Programme
The ASTUR Pathway programme (also known as preparatory college) offers young adults the possibility to enter a German university. Depending on your country of origin, a different set of courses has to be incorporated into this programme.
Language travel
The language travel area includes all programmes with an integrated language course - with the exception of our language camps. We offer language travel to Germany and abroad. For more information about which programmes are offered, please proceed to the language travel area.

Programmes for all ages

Are you wondering whether or not our programmes are suitable for your current age? Put your mind at rest and take a look at this overview. Here we visualised our programme portfolio according to participants' age groups. This gives you a quick insight into which group of participants we intend to reach with our various offers. We are sure there are programmes among our portfolio which are interesting to you.