ASTUR delegation travel

Beside the comprehensive portfolio aimed at adolescents, ASTUR is also capable of offering programmes of continued education for professionals in various fields. These are targeted at members of the international workforce who are keen on discussing relevant professional topics from a German or European standpoint. Such educational travel programmes are put together in close cooperation with the client, leading the delegation to sights and cities of work-related importance.

Items which we can integrate into the programme range from specialist presentations and university lectures to official delegation receptions and company visits.

Below there is a sample programme of a delegation travel programme we had the pleasure of arranging for a group of Chines landscapers. It may serve as inspiration for your own delegation travel ideas.

The delegation of landscapers were sent to Germany on behalf of a Chinese university. The group was accompanied by a tour guide and an academic guide.

Delegation travel at a glance

group travel

Age group: from 25 years

Duration: 2 weeks

Language proficiency required: none

group travel

Anreise: Frankfurt Airport (FRAC)

Transfer: Coach

Abreise: Paris Airport (CDG)

group travel


  • Germany
  • Austria
  • France
group travel


  • Hotel (3 - 4 stars)
group travel

ASTUR Moments

  • Company visits
  • Mayor's reception
  • Lectures at University of Freiburg
  • Work-related excursions
Included services

- Coach for delegation transfer

- Parking and toll fees

- Hotel accommodation

- Full board accommodation

- Tour guide

- Academic guide


- Visa fees (possibly)

- Workshops (possibly)

- Evening activities

Any questions about delegation travel?

Our delegation specialist Shi Han Ng is here to help! You can reach her

via landline at +49 661 296971-30

or via e-mail at

and discuss everything related to your travel ideas.

The delegation headed to these destinations

The itinerary in detail

The delegation arrived at Frankfurt Main Airport (FRA) and embarked on their travel through Germany, Austria and France. After visiting the economic hub of Frankfurt and being allowed insight into a number of current projects, the group proceeded to Freiburg in the Black Forest. Here the delegation received a warm welcome reception by the mayor, followed by the academic part of the itinerary.

In Freiburg the participants spent their mornings attending various lectures at the University of Freiburg held by academics in the field of landscaping. In the afternoons we included excursions which matched the before-heard lectures. When, for example, the delegation had heard about energy efficiency in the morning, the afternoon excursion would take them to the famous low-energy district of Vauban.

When the lectures and excursions concluded, this Chinese delegation took a sight-seeing trip to one of Germany's most renowned architectural masterpieces - Neuschwanstein Castle. Equipped with profound impressions the delegation continued their tour, heading for Eppernay, located in the French Champagne. The group took the opportunity to visit a local champagne manufacturer. Finally, the group arrived in Paris where a two-day cultural programme awaited the participants.