Committed ASTUR host families

Welcome to the ASTUR web presence dedicated to our host families! This website puts all our host families - and those who are interested in joining us - in the spotlight. We are glad that you are interested in finding out more about ASTUR homestay programmes and host families.

How to enter the host family network

In order to become a member of our host family community, you need to provide the following: One bed per guest, a seat at your dining table and a state of open-mindedness, welcoming a young person from far away with open arms to your home. For how long your guest are staying, may vary according to the booked programmes:

Students staying for 3 to 5 days
during class trips or short-term language courses (an ideal opportunity to learn the ropes of being a host family)

Students staying for 1 to 6 weeks
during long-term language courses or short-term Highschool programmes (e. g. intensive German courses)

Students staying for 3 to 12 months
during Highschool semesters and Academic Years 

group travel

The ASTUR homestay network visualised

From Aachen to Zehlendorf... the next ASTUR center won't be far away from your home. With more than 6,000 host families, ASTUR can rely on the vastest homestay network in Germany. You can find our so-called host family "Centers" all across Germany, from North to South, from Westphalia to the Ore Mountain Range.

"Centre" is a term coined by ASTUR over 30 years ago. It has developed over the years and implies the following: Beside the ASTUR staff working from the company's headquarters in Fulda there are currently about 40 ASTUR Centres operating all across Germany. The Centers are staffed with local representatives, called "ASTUR Center Managers". Those men and women look after the needs of host families in their center and constantly look for families interested in joining the network. Center Managers are every family's first contacts. They sort out the formalities, which becoming a member of the community entails, and help solve any occurring problem.

Many of our host families have been committed to ASTUR for decades, some even spanning more than one generation. ASTUR is always on the lookout for new families interested in providing homestay accommodation for our various programmes.

The advantages of being a host family in the ASTUR community

Each family has their own reasons and motivation to join our homestay network. ASTUR sees to it that all involved parties benefit from our educational programmes, following a professional approach when it comes to managing our homestay network. On this site we present all advantages, from which our host families benefit. For further information about the company, feel free to follow this link and discover our profile, the faces behind the team and other interesting facts about ASTUR.

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The dedication of our host families will not go without recognition. Generally, all host families receive compensation for their expenses. The final amount of compensation will be determined by the number of guests, number of homestay nights as well as the type of programme booked.
Professional partner
ASTUR follows tried and tested guidelines to provide reliable services to their host families. As a certified language tour operator we uphold high standards, ranging from guest allocation to families' expenses claims to short response times and considered solutions of emergency situations.
Our host families are in control of when to offer ASTUR their homestay services and how many guests they are capable of welcoming. Periods of stay range from a few days to an entire school year. In that regard, our host families can benefit from a tightly-knit homestay community, as the demand of ASTUR's international guests is shouldered by a large number of families. This allows us to be flexible enough to find replacement families in cases of illnesses or other medical emergencies.
Local support
Admittedly, there may be long distances between the ASTUR headquarters in Fulda and certain Centers across Germany. However, we are capable of maintaining contact directly with our host families. Our Center Managers serve as first contacts for all members of our community, offering advice and listening to whatever may weigh on a family's mind.

Frequently asked questions about joining the ASTUR homestay network (FAQ)

Do I have to be fluent in a foreign language?
No, foreign language skills are not mandatory. Our international guests are keen on improving their German language skills. They are absolutely willing to speak German with their host families. A majority of guest students possess essential German language skills. Should communication, at times, prove difficult, then we rely on students' and families' capacity of communicating non-verbally. From our experience, gesticulation often is successful.  

Do I have to look after the guests during the day?
No, during the day the students do not have to be looked after by the host families. This is because our guests take part in prearranged activity programmes, from excursions, visits and sight-seeing tours to attendance at school or language courses. Certain ASTUR programmes, given the right age of the students in question, allow for discovery trips into town or around the neighbourhood taken by the students independently.

There is, however, one programme which requires host families to supervise their guests during the day: When under-age students book an individual one-to-one language programme with premium supervision, the determined host families will organise and carry out afternoon activities for them. Whether or not a host family is available for such a programme will be discussed in advance.

Are the students insured?
Yes, all guests have taken out Third Party, Medical and Accident insurance.

Do I have to prepare special meals?
No, host families are not required to work wonders in the kitchen. It is a key element of homestay accommodation to experience unfiltered daily life in Germany. This includes 'ordinary' German cuisine. We encourage meals to differ from preconceptions which our guests may have.

The only exception needs to be made, when students have special dietary requirements due to medical conditions, religious principles or personal needs. However, should such cases arise, we will always discuss host family availability in advance

What happens, when we don't get along?
In those cases you can always count on our assistance. ASTUR was able to make considerable practical experiences in regard with mutual understanding and common ground between student and host family. These experiences show that such issues arise only seldom, that most of them are based on simple misunderstandings. Nonetheless, it is necessary to find a solution as quickly as possible. So far, we could clear up misunderstandings through arbitration or another appropriate reaction at all times.

This sounds good - How do we proceed?

Are you interested in joining our network? Have you got further questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are looking forward to your call or e-mail.

We gladly talk you through the process of joining the ASTUR host family network.

Matthias Balzer
Tel: +49 661 296971-18
Office hours: Monday – Friday 09.00 AM – 05:00 PM

Are you interested in doing more than hosting guests?

Should you be interested in cooperating with ASTUR even more, we are happy to discuss the possibilities of being active as a Center Manager for us.

We are always looking for open-minded, outgoing and well connected personalities who acquire and look after their host family pool. As Center Managers they see to it that our guests find suitable hosts, feel at home and return with unforgettable memories of Germany.