Where in Germany ASTUR can take you

ASTUR operates approximately 40 Centers all across Germany. Here, our international guests are accommodated in our homestay network. ASTUR host families welcome you with open hearts and open minds. Each Center is headed by a Center Manager who works in close contact with the ASTUR main office in Fulda.

Instead of just making a tourist trip to Germany, our homestay network ensures that students from all over the world make unforgettable experiences in Germany, through a complete immersion into German culture and every-day life.

Introducing our homestay destinations

All ASTUR programmes can be booked in a number of the following destinations, listed below:

In order to find out all there is to know about our destinations' details, we recommend you take a look at this overview of Germany from the ASTUR perspective. Enjoy browsing through our various destinations, discovering what each of them has to offer.