Bavaria destinations

What comes to mind when you think of Bavaria? Fairy tale castles, snow-covered mountains, Lederhosen? Exactly! Yet, there is so much more to discover here. From picturesque Renaissance cities like Augsburg to state-of-the-art futuristic architecture in Munich, from urban spaces to rural areas, historic sites, pristine nature or modern economy; Bavaria has it all! As one of our most popular destinations, there are many ASTUR Centers from which you can choose. We divided them into the following subcategories:

Welcome to the Allgäu, an idyllic mountain region in the South West of Bavaria. Trips to the Allgäu provide everything you could hope for, when it comes to a truly Bavarian experience. Your activities will primarily involve activities in nature, ranging from sports to culture. Medieval castle ruins or fairy tale palaces wait for you to be discovered, as are the larger towns of Kempten or Kaufbeuren. Furthermore, Munich or Lake Constance are not too far away, which make for perfect day trip destinations.
Southern Bavaria
The southernmost region in Germany is famous for its breathtaking environment. The Alpine foothills offer fantastic hiking routes to mountain lakes and summits. During winter season you can enjoy yourself going skiing, sleighing or ice skating. Whether you are looking for action or quieter moments - South Bavaria holds plenty of programme opportunities for you.
Munich is perceived as the epitome of Germany. Some even say that the entire country is simply a representation of the Bavarian capital. While we may not agree with this statement, it does say a lot about Munich's high popularity. The city and surrounding area offer a vast number of travel opportunities. Tradition and science, history and the typical Bavarian mindset all come together here.
Northern Bavaria
You should not overlook Bavaria's fascinating North! The majestic mountains and forests of Franconian Switzerland, being home to magnificent castles and medieval towns, beckon you to discover them. Beside this, northern Bavaria is well-versed in the field of science, too. After all, Audi produces its world-famous cars here. It is definitely worth to check out Northern Bavaria when planning a trip to Germany!

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