When you are spoilt for choice

Finding the perfect summer camp for your child may cause headache to you as parents: Which language course are we interested in? Which rules of supervision will be put in place? Are we interested in an international camp abroad, or do we prefer a local summer camp nearby? How many units of language course should we book, or do we want to book a language camp at all?

There are many parents who are spoilt for choice in that way, considering the overwhelming task to provide your child with an enjoyable and educational camp experience. ASTUR can help make this task a little easier. Just give us a call and we will discuss with you what you expect from a summer camp and how we can assist you in finding the right spot. Our camp specialist Susanne is reachable on the phone vie +49 661 296971-20

Should you be interested in browsing our website, you will find all summer camps which we offer below. More information about our language courses can be accessed here; details about our supervision guidelines can be found here.

Our Language Camps