ASTUR Center Managers

Along with our host families and the headquarters in Fulda the ASTUR Center Managers form an integral part of our business. Our Center Managers' personalities are as diverse as the destinations over which they preside. Their main task is to look after their local host families, maintaining and expanding the homestay network and allocating ASTUR participants to them upon booking.

When it comes to providing certain ASTUR programmes at their destination, Center Managers are encouraged to take up additional tasks in order to pave the way for more travel opportunities: from Class trips and private language tuition to looking after students for a longer period of time, as is the case for one- or two-week language trainings or even Highschool programmes, which may range from several months to a whole school year.

The face and voice of ASTUR on the spot
One of the most crucial and apparent tasks for our Center Managers is to extend a warm welcome to their guests upon arrival. As primary contacts at their destination the Center Managers operate first correspondents between host families, international guests and the office in Fulda. Basically, Center Managers are the face and voice of their respective destination. Through their efforts and open personalities, great travel experiences become unforgettable ones.

Center Manager responsibilities

Depending on local circumstances, Center Managers may offer different sets of ASTUR programmes at their destination. Therefore, the tasks at hand may vary from center to center.

Fundamentally, Center Managers should be capable of offering group travel programmes at their destination, which we consider the basis of a living ASTUR center. This entails the following tasks:

  • Maintain and expand their homestay network
  • Tend to queries put forward by host families
  • First contact for host families
  • Allocate international guests to host families keeping in mind medical or other requirements
  • Be reachable for guests and host families during programmes in progress
  • Serve as first contact in cases of emergency

If Center Managers are willing and capable of providing further travel opportunities, their tasks grow respectively:

  • Language travel programmes
    • Employ language teachers for private or group tuition
    • Book rooms for group tuition
    • Employ supervisors to provide chaperoned afternoon activities
  • Highschool programmes
    • Make placement at a local secondary school for international students possible
    • Employ supervisors to provide chaperoned afternoon activities

Beside tasks revolving around content, a few administrative tasks mustn't be forgotten:

  • Rcompense host families and pay for accommodation or activity services
  • Settle occurring damage reports

Of course, the office in Fulda lends a hand, when it comes to dealing with all those tasks. The ASTUR team is here to help all parties involved in our programmes, including our Center Managers.

Are you interested in getting involved?

Should you be interested in cooperating with ASTUR as a Center Manager, we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

We are always looking for open-minded, outgoing and well connected personalities who acquire and look after their host family pool. For further information just follow this link.