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Language travel programmes by ASTUR are highly individualised educational trips. Every aspect of a language travel programme can be adapted to the specific requirements of our partners, ranging from educational content, proficiency levels, group sizes and free-time activities. ASTUR offers language travels to individuals, small groups and entire school classes alike. When we prepare a language travel programme for you, we will be in touch regularly, discussing what topics to cover during class, which language level to teach and how many units to schedule, in order to create a perfect learning environment to reach your learning goals.

ASTUR relies furthermore on immersing students completely in the native speaking culture. This way students will be tasked to overcome language barriers before, during and after class. This brings immense benefits to language acquisition as well as student motivation. Nothing is more encouraging than realising you are understood by native speakers of another culture.

Our language travel programmes are suitable not only for young students, but for young adults as well as professionals. Students below the age of 16 may book afternoon supervision additionally, ensuring that the students are looked after and have a fantastic free time after their language course.

Any questions about ASTUR Language Travel?

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Learn German in Germany

ASTUR's primary area of expertise is concerned with inviting international students to Germany and providing German language courses here. Complete immersion is assured through homestay accommodation. Thanks to our host family network, we have a wide variety of destinations on offer.

Individual students are welcome to attend One-to-One tuition in Germany. This ASTUR programme offers the most individually customised private language lessons. It is an ideal boost if you want to prepare for a subsequent Highschool programme with us. If you would like to come to Germany to study the language and bring a few friends, then we recommend the ASTUR Mini-Group programme. It has been established to provide language classes to 3 - 5 students. Just as is the case with a One-to-One, additional free time supervision may be booked on top. If you want to learn German in Germany with a larger group, why not make use of a more extensive Language Training programme? Your group will attend a tailor-made language course in the mornings, after lunch exciting activities nearby will be waiting for you.

In order to help you decide which region in Germany you prefer, we prepared a detailed overview of ASTUR destinations. Language trainings are similar to the ASTUR group travel programmes. What distinguishes them, however, is its emphasis on language acquisition. Language trainings comprise a set number of language courses every morning. Should you be looking for inspiration about which free time activities are possible at each ASTUR center, we recommend you take a look at our group travel opportunities in Germany.

Language is an element of the ASTUR portfolio which can be found in other travel programmes, too. When attending one of our summer language camps, for example, participants learn German in the mornings. When creating your individual class trip to Germany with us, you can always add a language course to your itinerary. Via the following links you will reach the programme presentations.

Language travel programmes in Europe

Beside offering German language acquisition in Germany, you also have the possibility to study and immerse yourself in another major European language. Our offers range from English language courses in England, Ireland or Malta to French language courses in France or Spanish language courses in Spain. You will find more information following the links below.

English in England, Ireland, Malta
We offer English language courses taking place either in Weymouth & Portland or Bournemouth in the south of England; in Dublin in Ireland; or in Malta. Please follow the link for more details.
French in France
When you follow this link, you will reach our offers concerning learning French in France. You have the opportunity to study in Montpellier or in Saint Malo.
Spanish in Spain
We offer Spanish language courses in the following destinations: Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid or Sevilla. Follow the link for more details.