ASTUR destinations in Germany

Germany has a lot more to offer than it may appear. There are far more wonders to discover than the biggest touristic hot spots suggest. Beside Berlin, Munich or Cologne there are a large number of beautiful sites in Germany, ready for you to discover them. Each region breathes a unique atmosphere and is renowned for special areas of expertise - from architecture and the fine arts to history and politics or businesses, literature, or the environment, to name just a few.

This overview shall present our destinations to you in a detailed fashion. We are sure that we can introduce you to new destinations you haven't heard of before but may find interesting.

Which programmes are available?

When it comes to booking a programme for you - or adapting an existing programme to your wishes or even creating your own itinerary for that matter - your travel destination plays a key role. ASTUR offers a variety of travel opportunities to international guests and interested groups at home. You can pick from one or more of the following areas:

For an overview of all programmes which ASTUR can offer you, just follow this link presenting our portfolio.