School Immersion at a German Highschool

The ASTUR Short-term Highschool programme is the ideal solution for any student who has ever wanted to get a taste of school in Germany. The students attend a regular German school and take part in regular lessons. Oftentimes students take part in a school immersion before deciding to spend a full year at a Highschool in Germany. Such a programme provides a perfect test run. ASTUR offers 3 variations of the Short-term Highschool programme:

School Immersion Classic (16 – 17 years of age)

You attend a German school in the morning. In the afternoon you may spend your time any way you see fit. The Classic programme is aimed at all independent young adults, interested in freely exploring their area of residence and surroundings in the afternoon.

School Immersion Premium (12 – 17 years of age)

The comprehensive package for young students: You attend a German school in the morning. In the afternoon you will be looked after by a supervisor – either by a member of your host family or, for certain activities, by local supervisors. Please note that your supervisor will not do your homework for you.

School Immersion Language+ (12 – 17 Jahre)

This course merges the strengths of Short-term Highschool and One-to-One programmes into one intensive product. You attend school in the morning. In the afternoon you have individual lessons – 15 units per week – with a language teacher.

Homestay accommodation

ASTUR will find a host family for you who best complements your personal requirements, interests and wishes. We preferably will look for "the right host family" regardless of the region (German Federal State) where the family lives. Similarly, will will take on the task of placing you at a German school only after we found "your" host family.

During a homestay programme, our international guests get first-hand experience of life in a German household with its every day culture and typical way of living. Students will always be accommodated in a single room.

In a homestay you will receive full board. You will begin the day with a typical breakfast in the morning. For the afternoon you will receive packed lunch by your host family or you will have lunch with the family. A hot meal is provided at least once per day. We recommend that you let your host family know, if there is anything you just love to, or really don’t like to eat. Another advantage of host family accommodation is effortlessly getting to know the German cuisine. If you have lunch in the school cafeteria you have to arrange your meals there on your own.

In order for your host family to adequately prepare for you as their guest, please indicate in your application whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan or have any dietary incompatibilities. We will take your requirements into account and make the necessary arrangements individually.

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Short-term Highschool at a a glance

group travel

Age group:

12 – 17 years of age


Programme available from/till:

04 August 2019 – 02 August 2020

03 August 2020 – 01 August 2021


1 - 4 weeks

Akademie grau 100px


  • Classic (16 - 17 years of age)
  • Premium (12 - 17 years of age)
  • Language+ (12 - 17 years of age)

Language proficiency required:

German, at least CEFR-Level A2

group travel


  • 8 different regions throughout Germany
group travel


  • Host family
group travel

Course experience:

Attend Highschool in Germany with homestay accommodation - just like a German student


  • A taste of school in Germany
  • Total immersion in the German language
  • Available in many regions throughout Germany
  • One-to-One German language course as preparation bookable optionally
Any questions about Highschool immersion in Germany?

Our Highschool specialist Susanne Hofmann is here to help! You can reach her

via landline at +49 661 296971-20

or via e-mail at

and discuss everything related to your group travel ideas.

When you send your registration form to ASTUR, a registration fee of 300 EUR becomes due. Naturally, we treat this registration fee as a down payment for the total program costs. Please plan ahead so that there is enough time for the paper work. Among other documents you will need a statement from your German teacher and pediatrician. We can register you as a student only after having received your registration form and all necessary documents.

Important: If your home country is not a member of the Schengen Area, you have to apply for a Visa before you travel to Germany to begin your programme. Students which cannot provide a valid visa to ASTUR before travelling to Germany cannot attend our programme. Kindly be informed that you are responsible yourself for your visa application and any renewal, which might have to be taken care of during your stay in Germany.

After having received your full registration, we will send you a booking confirmation and start the placement process. Of course we will keep you up to date about all steps along the way.

Arrivals and departures for the Short Term High School programme are fixed to take place on the weekend before school begins, so you can get to know your host family before your classes start on Monday. You make your travel arrangements yourself: either your parents bring you to the host family by car, or you arrive by plane or by train at your destination.

Should you travel by train, please note that your host families will pick you up at the train station nearest to their home.

Should you travel by plane, we recommend that you book our transfer service to/from the host family as early as possible. That way you will be picked up on time and won’t have to worry about anything.

If, due to your age, you have booked a UM service (UM = Unaccompanied Minor) with your airline, you also have to book our UM service accordingly – in addition to our general transfer service. This is necessary as handling unaccompanied minors at the airport is more complicated and time-consuming.

School Immersion Classic

In the "Classic’ programme you choose how to spend your afternoons and what activities you do yourself. That way you can pick activities you like to do the most. You will spend the evenings with the host family. They will integrate you in their everyday life. You might cook together with the family or play a typical board game.

School Immersion Premium

In this programme you receive fulltime supervision from a German-speaking supervisor (Teamer). Your Teamer will agree with you on which activities to do and accompany you there. He or she will give
you all the information you need and take into consideration your interests and the opportunities offered by the location. Your Teamer is always happy to talk with you, no matter if you have something on your mind, have a question or just want to chat. For dinner you will return to your host family.

School Immersion Language+

In the Language+ programme you attend further language lessons in the afternoon. You can find details about this in the section “Language course”. You will spend your evenings at your host family.

All variations provide a 24-hour emergency hotline every day. Please contact us whenever a serious incident occurs and we will react immediately.

Your German language course with 15 lessons per week takes place in the afternoon after school from Monday to Friday. At the beginning of the course you will take a placement test which will give your teacher insight in the level of your language proficiency. Furthermore, you will set your own goals for your language course, writing them down in a questionnaire. Together with the results from your placement test this document will serve the teacher as the foundation for the following lessons.

Your teacher will only be there for you. This means that lessons are completely different from what you are used to from your school at home. You are your teacher’s only student. He or she will adapt to your learning speed and allow for a break whenever you may need one. Moreover, break times will always extend your lesson, meaning that after having attended 15 lessons, over 15 hours may have gone by, depending on how many breaks you needed.

Learning to use the language actively is the primary aim of the lessons. Our teachers create their own motivating, cultural and original lesson plans. They can be about a whole range of topics that are taken from “real life” in the form of discussions, role plays, interviews and other active elements. You are encouraged to just talk and not be afraid of your mistakes. Seize this opportunity as speaking the language freely will boost your learning success and motivate you to continue mastering the language in the future. Your vocabulary and knowledge of grammar will expand and improve automatically – not just through ineffective memorising, but rather through speaking and listening.

Our teachers are native speakers. That means that they do not only speak the language fluently, but they have an ingrained understanding of their native culture. They also have experience in imparting their language to students from foreign countries.

We teach in accordance to your level of knowledge. We have different lesson material for every level, and the certificate that you receive at the end of your stay will indicate at what level and for how many hours you were taught.

Tip: It is always possible to book our “Language Plus” programme for additional preparation. It may be beneficial, for example, to supplement the first two weeks of your stay with the “Language Plus” variation before you continue with the regular “Classic” or “Premium” programme. That way you will have taken the ideal first step towards learning the German language.

Before the beginning of your stay you will receive a detailed information pack from us with everything you need to know about arrival, what you should pack and the activity programme. Your host family can give you access to their Wi-Fi. However, ultimately it is their decision to grant or deny you access.

It is most likely that your regular health insurance will not cover all treatment costs incurred in Germany. We, therefore, generally recommend purchasing foreign health insurance as well as accident and liability insurance. ASTUR offers a complete pack, including all necessary insurances, at a small fee for your convenience. If you do not book your insurance through ASTUR, we will need to see proof of your existing insurance before your arrival.

If you need a visa to enter Germany, the visa application process will require you to show proof of existing insurances for the duration of your stay. It’s best to discuss those issues with your agency or with us directly. We’re always happy to help.

Please note that, for our Short Term High School programme, a good understanding of the German language is required. We recommend that you have attained a minimum level of A2 in German according to CEFR standards.

The Short Term High School programme is not available during German school holidays. Owed to the fact that the responsibility for educational matters in Germany rests with the individual Federal States (Bundesländer), dates of school holidays vary geographically. Therefore, you should always get in contact with us for advice before booking your Short Term High School programme.

School Immersion start and duration

ASTUR will place you in a school and you will take part in regular lessons, following the same timetable as your German fellow students. This means that you are assigned to a class according to your age, previous school results and your German language skills. Naturally, you will have to do your homework during your time at school in Germany.

It is important to be aware that the final duration of your stay in Germany will depend on when school holidays take place in the Federal State of you destination. When booking a Short-Term Highschool-Programme with us, spanning 1 - 4 weeks we have to make sure that there won't be school holidays at the same time. This includes term and mid-term breaks as well as Easter or Autumn holidays. In Germany, every Federal State may declare a different start and duration of the annual school holidays in their region. This is why we have to discuss, precisely when, where and for how long your programme may take place.

Feel free to get an overview of the possibilities for the school year of 2020 / 2021 via the following link.

Another overview of possible Highschool dates, taking place during the Highschool year of 2019 / 2020 can be found here. That way you will be able to make the right decision of where and when to start your School Immersion.

Highschool experience in Germany

There are two possibilities for you to get to school every day. Either go to school with your host brother or host sister, or your host family shows you the way before school starts and walks with you on your first day, after which you will manage on your own. On your first day, you have to register at the school office. Afterwards, the teachers will help you settle in and meet your new classmates. Depending on the Bundesland and the type of your school, it may be necessary to fill out certain forms. But don’t worry, you can take these forms to your host family and ask them to help you fill them out.

Fundamentally, the ASTUR Short-term Highschool programme aims at giving you the opportunity to go to school just as German students do. This includes of course homework, quizzes and tests in all subjects on your timetable. Doing one's homework is an essential element of the Highschool experience and can't be circumvented.

At the end of the programme you will receive a certificate of attendance.

Please note: When booking School Immersion with us, you won't be able to carry over your test results or grades to your regular school at home. Should you be interested in having the grades you receive at the German Highschool count at home and have an impact on your school report, you should take a look at the ASTUR Academic Programmes. Here you have the opportunity to attend Highschool in Germany for at least 13 weeks and experience the real deal.

Region of choice

If it is your wish to be placed in a specific region (e. g. Bavaria or Rhineland), you can book this service with us for an extra charge. ASTUR will then try to find a suitable host family in the region of your choice. Should ASTUR, against expectation, not manage to find the “right” host family for you, then you will be placed in a different region. In such a case we will refund the extra charge of course. In the past, ASTUR has managed to place students accordingly to their wishes in 90+ % of all cases.

ASTUR Regions Highschool Destinations
Berlin Berlin
Black Forest & Lake Constance Freiburg, Überlingen
East Germany Erfurt
Middle Rhine & Hesse Fulda, Wiesbaden
North Germany Hannover, Lüneburg
North Rhine & Ruhr Bonn, Mönchengladbach
Rhineland-Palatinate Bad Neuenahr
Northern Bavaria Erlangen
Southern Bavaria Bad Tölz, Freising, Wolfratshausen, Chiemsee

Dates and prices

Short-term Highschool Classic Short-term Highschool Premium Short-term Highschool Language+
First week Additional week First week Additional week First week Additional week
825.00 € 800.00 € 1,200.00 € 1,175.00 € 1,810.00 € 1,785.00 €
Additional night45.00 € Additional night 85.00 € Additional night 85.00 €

Additional services Surcharge
Berlin surcharge for host family accommodation in the capital city (per week) 20 €
Late / early arrival or departure (before 10.00 AM / after 07.30 PM) 75 €
Travel Insurance (Third Party, Medical, Accident) for EU* citizens (per day) 1.10 €
Travel Insurance (Third Party, Medical, Accident) for non-EU* citizens (per day) 2.00 €
Invitation / booking confirmation for visa (plus postage) 30 €

Transfers (always one-way) Airport Surcharge
LüneburgHamburg Airport (HAM)90 €
HanoverHanover Airport (HAJ)60 €
BonnKöln/Bonn Airport (CGN)60 €
ErlangenNuremberg Airport (NUE)50 €
ÜberlingenFriedrichshafen Airport (FDH)60 €
ErfurtErfurt Airport (ERF)50 €
FreiburgEuroairport Basel/Mulhouse/Freiburg (BSK/MLH/EAP)90 €
FuldaFrankfurt Airport (FRA)110 €
MönchengladbachDüsseldorf Airport (DUS)60 €
ChiemseeMunich Airport (MUC)90 €
FreisingMunich Airport (MUC)50 €
Bad TölzMunich Airport (MUC)90 €
Berlin-Kaulsdorf/MahlsdorfBerlin Schönefel Airport (SXF)60 €
Berlin-MitteBerlin Tegel Airport (TXL)60 €
Bad NeuenahrKöln/Bonn Airport (CGN)90 €
UM service fee (when UM booked with the airline) 40 €
* For additional information about this point, please refer to our offer under Donwloads.
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If you are eager to know all there is to know about School Immersion in Germany, we recommend the following downloadable documents. You will find the complete list of details about all services provided below. Feel free to take a good look at our offers (all documents as PDF format).

PDF Offer Schort-term Highschool in Germany

PDF Highschool Dates 2020/2021

PDF Highschool Dates 2019/2020

PDF Offer Highschool in Germany

The perfect preparation for your Highschool Immersion in Germany

One final piece of advice: For students who want to brush up their German skills before the official start of their school stay, we recommend taking part in one of our individual One-to-One programmes. Here, students are attentively nurtured and at the same time get used to the way of life in Germany. After such preparation they can concentrate without distraction on the Academic year programme when it officially starts. For more information about this, please see the link below.

What your predecessors have to say (in German of course)

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right
Miriam, 16 Überlingen

"Ich liebe meine Gastfamilie. Sie sind sehr nett und großzügig. Sie sind immer glücklich mir zu helfen und ich fühle mich gut aufgehoben. Sie haben mich in ihrer Familie empfangen und ich bin sehr dankbar.

Die Schule geht gut. Der Unterricht ist manchmal schwer. Aber die Leute sind nett und die Lehrer sind gut. Ich brauche keine Noten, also fühle ich keinen Stress."

Miguel, 15 Hannover

„Meine Gastfamilie ist zum Glück sehr nett und angenehm. Sie unternehmen viel mit mir. Wir sind zum Beispiel in den Harz gefahren und sind dort zusammen Schlitten gefahren.

In der Schule fühle ich mich wohl und komme mit meinen Mitschülern gut klar. Sie sind freundlich und hilfsbereit.

Ich gehe mit meinen Geschwistern zum Gitarrenunterricht und trainiere 3 Mal in der Woche bei dem Fußballverein hier.“