Travel Europe on an ASTUR study tour

The ASTUR study tours count among the most sophisticated programmes within our portfolio. Spending two weeks travelling a number of European countries, participants will gain deep insights into life in Europe and the lives of European citizens. Intercultural exchange and hands-on experiences of the typical customs within various European nations are the focal points of these educational programmes.

Your possibilities are as varied as are European cultures. You can learn about the Italian Renaissance, Germany's automotive and science sectors, the fine arts and culture of France or British life style and traditions: virtually everything is possible on an ASTUR study tour.

Hotel or homestay accommodation

ASTUR is experienced finding hotel availabilities in numerous cities across Europe. We will book single rooms or twin rooms in hotels which meet a certain quality standard, relying on long-standing partners.

When groups book homestay accommodation, they will live together with a typical German host family. Here, the students make first-hand experiences of the everyday-life, completely immersed in the German culture.

By default groups receive full board accommodation. You will start the day with a healthy breakfast. For lunch we will already have picked a nice restaurant for you or you receive packed lunch from your host families. In the evening you will head to a restaurant as well or return to your host family where a hot meal will be waiting for you.

ASTUR study tours at a glance

group travel

Age Group:

6 - 18 years of age



2 weeks on average

group travel


    Various counties in Europe

group travel





group travel


  • Hotels (3 - 4 stars)
  • Host family (in Germany, optional)
  • group travel

    ASTUR Moments:

  • Tailor-made study tour through Europe
  • County-specific workshops
  • Add summer camp/language courses
  • Treasure hunts
  • ASTUR "Flying Classroom"
  • Any questions about our study tours?

    Our study tours specialist Shi Han Ng is here to help! You can reach her

    via landline at +49 661 296971-30

    or via e-mail at

    and discuss everything related to your travel ideas.

    Did you know...
    ... that ASTUR is a "certified" language tour operator? There is a European Norm, EN 14804, regulating high standards for youth travel operators - and we are proud to have been granted this certification.

    Arrival day for a study tour will usually take place on the weekend, so that you have time to get accustomed to the time zone and start your programme well-rested on Monday morning. Departures are handled the same way. The itineraries are created so that you will head home on the weekend. This ensures that, on the following Monday, you are fit to get back to business at home.

    You will arrive as a closed group, embarking on your tour from your airport of arrival. When accommodated at a hotel, you will share a room with another student in a twin room. When accommodated in a homestay, you will live with a host family as a group of two or three.

    All programmes in the ASTUR portfolio are created in a modular fashion, meaning that programmes can be combined or adapted in size to create the perfect service package. If you are particularly interested in combining different programmes with your study tour, you will find more details on this page about the four pillars of ASTUR. For example, it is always possible to integrate a language course into your study tour or to spend some time at one our our international summer camps.

    When on a study tour you will go on excursions every day. ASTUR takes care of planning and preparing your itinerary, discussing and keeping in mind your individual ideas. When you arrive in Europe, you (and your group leaders) will be welcomed by an ASTUR tour guide. Our guides know every detail about your tour and accompany you on the entire trip. That way we assure you reaching all planned activities on time, that nobody gets lost and that any occurring problem will be solved as quickly as possible.

    Furthermore, you may always book an additional ASTUR culture guide. These guides provide additional background information to all cities and sights you visit and all tours you attend. They are also in charge of Flying Classroom tuition. This method comprises educational videos and quizzes which help you pass the time during transfer.

    When you stay at the home of a host family, they will look after you and integrate you in their everyday life. You might cook together with the family or play a typical board game.

    Naturally, in order to take part in a study tour across Europe, you first of all need permission to enter the European Union. Depending on your home country this may require a visa. This link will lead you to the homepage of Germany's Federal Foreign Office (or foreign ministry).  On its web pages you will find details about which visa requirements have to be met to enter the country. The Foreign Office has such information for every country.

    Before the beginning of your stay you will receive a detailed information pack from us with everything you need to know about arrival, what you should pack and the activity programme.

    It is most likely that your regular health insurance will not cover all treatment costs incurred in Germany. We, therefore, generally recommend purchasing foreign health insurance as well as accident and liability insurance. ASTUR offers a complete pack, including all necessary insurances, at a small fee for your convenience.

    If you do not book your insurance through ASTUR, we will need to see proof of your existing insurance before your arrival. If you need a visa to enter Germany, the visa application process will require you to show proof of existing insurances for the duration of your stay. It’s best to discuss those issues with your agency or with us directly. We’re always happy to help.

    Study tour destinations

    Below you will find a list of destinations which have already been integrated into one or more study tours. If you have an idea of another destination, which you would like us to integrate into your study tour, don't hesitate to make a suggestion. We can arrange further destinations and are happy to discuss this with you:

    ASTUR destinations Key cities
    Germany Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Bonn
    Austria Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna
    Switzerland Bern, Zurich
    Italy Rome, Venice, Florence
    France Paris, Reims
    Great Britain London
    Belgium Brussels
    The Netherlands Amsterdam
    Luxemburg Luxemburg City
    Czech Republic Prague

    Sample tours

    The following study tours are to give you an idea about what possibilities are available to you when booking wit ASTUR. These sample tours have already been operated in the past, always to the complete satisfaction of our partners. Of course, the itinerary points can be exchanged or reshaped to your individual wishes. If you have an idea which sights you want to include in your study tour, we are more than happy to hear about it.

    ASTUR's grand tour of Europe
    One of our most popular study tours for young adults. The tour begins in London, leading participants across Europe. After discovering the Western part of the continent, participants will keep heading East. You will experience the diversity of many European cultures, travelling from Great Britain to France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany until you reach the Czech Republic.
    Winter's Tales of Europe
    A study tour for younger adolescents, including additional supervision. The tour begins in Munich, leading the group across the Alps - from southern Bavaria to Austria and Switzerland. The second part of this tour will take place in northern Italy, ending in Rome. European fairy tales and winter activities are the focal points of this study tour.
    Germany and France summer tour
    A special study tour mix, with focus on intercultural experiences. Groups will begin the tour at one of ASTUR's summer camps. After attending camp and its international atmosphere for a week, the group will embark on their study tour, heading to a number of destinations in Germany and France.

    Are study groups not what you were looking for?

    If you would like to look for other programmes in our portfolio, feel free to look around. Maybe you are interested in a smaller-sized group travel programme, such as a class trip for example? Maybe you are primarily looking for language courses, single or group tuition? In that case, let us offer you our One-to-One or Mini Group programmes. If you are keen on attending school in Germany, why not book a Highschool programme with us? When it comes to educational travel to Germany, ASTUR has got you covered.