Let us introduce ourselves

Welcome to ASTUR!

We are a language tour operator, concentrating on educational programmes four adolescents and young adults, located in Fulda. Since our foundation in the year 1986, we have been creating educational content, teaching languages and promoting intercultural exchange. ASTUR brings together people from all across the world through our various programmes with destinations in Germany and Europe - from international Summer Camps and tailor-made Language Travel or  Highschool programmes to Class Trips and preparatory College Pathway Courses. Every year we welcome about 15,000 international participants to Germany and we are happy and proud to be able to make our internationally diverse customer base more familiar with German language, culture and way of life.

More about our organisation

Via the following panels you are invited to get to know ASTUR in greater detail. Feel free to gain deep insights into our team and our work. Just click on a topic which interests you most. For any further questions we are happy to receive your message.

Four pillars
Four basic characteristics determine the ASTUR product portfolio. These characteristics define how we arrange our programmes and can are represented everywhere. What exactly these pillars stand for and how we weld our programmes from them can be found here.
Programme portfolio
Here you will get a comprehensive overview of all programmes included in the ASTUR portfolio. Every programme is set up by a different combination of our four basic characteristics. Furthermore, we provide you with a breakdown of the ASTUR programmes according to participant age as well.
Our catalogue
You prefer to take a moment and browse through the ASTUR catalogue, checking out our products? Then just follow this link and take a look at the current ASTUR image brochure. Feel free read online or to download the document. And feel free to share if you like what you read.
Company profile
More details about the company and its history, spanning more than 30 years, can be looked up via this link.
Team ASTUR at your service
Who are the people behind ASTUR? Click the link to find out. The ASTUR team is happy to introduce themselves. It is nice to get to know you.
Language courses
Learning a language opens up a window to the outside world. ASTUR gladly helps you with that. Language immersion or language classes are included, or may be booked optionally, in nearly every programme in our portfolio aimed at groups or individuals. Find out more about the way we teach languages here.
Certified quality
ASTUR is an active member of a number of German tour operator associations and has been for decades. Those associations audit their members regularly, passing certification of company quality standards. Find out more about what the most important travel operators' associations in Germany (Reisenetz und FDSV) do and how ASTUR is involved via the link.
Free time supervision
The vast majority of ASTUR programmes is equipped with a free-time activity section, adapted to the age of the respective group or individual participant. Here you can read up on what activities ASTUR arranges for our participants and which programmes offer self-arranged free-time.