ASTUR's success rests on these four pillars

Each programme in the modular portfolio of ASTUR boasts a combination of our four areas of expertise, Education, Language, Exchange and Travel. Depending on its focal point, each programme draws from those areas more or less heavily. Nonetheless, elements from each area can be found in all programmes.
Relying on those areas, ASTUR manages to design offers for all age groups, catering to any individual requirement. We aim at giving young people some guidance on their journeys through life, encouraging them to become confident, responsible world citizens.

There may not be a more essential foundation, on which our existence is based, than education. It is through education that we discover our capabilities, tastes and talents. Education lets us train those capabilities and deepen our understanding. A broad education makes it easy for us to understand or even question complex issues or social contexts. Among all ASTUR programmes, the highest level of education is provided during Highschool stays in Germany which range from a few weeks up to an entire academic year.

Language skills are the key to communication across cultural boundaries. Only those with a high command of a foreign language will be able to communicate purposefully with others, gaining access to new ways of thinking or conducting oneself.

Nearly all of the ASTUR programmes allow for the incorporation of an individual language course, aimed at working on one’s existing language skills or offering to pick up a new language.

Exchange between cultures, mutual understanding and respect; such principles make it possible to broaden one’s horizon. ASTUR provides the element of exchange in all programmes which include host family accommodation. At the homes of their hosts, our participants experience complete immersion into the daily life of a German family.

Every journey, which lets us get to know a new environment, puts our own roots and origins in perspective. That way we recognise what home is. What applies to the group of students traveling to a German city on their class trip for a few days is also true for the individual person who stays for several weeks:

ASTUR programmes offer a professional framework for carefree and yet unforgettable experiences which participants will take with them as fond memories forever.

Cpmpetence: Education

Highschool Cooperation

ASTUR cooperates closely with various public and private schools in all regions of Germany. Cooperation with these schools is carried out in the fields of organisation of exchange programmes, placement of students in suitable classes, supervision of school immersion programmes and even organisation of closed summer camps.

Education On Tour

We believe that travel imparts crucial life lessons to adolescents. Thus, it is all the more important that the right educational content and methods of teaching are applied.

The Walking Class Room

ASTUR owns a wide range of educational material for teachers and group leaders in order to make any trip as informative and enjoyable as possible. Our city tours, scavenger hunts, working sheets and travel information packages enrich every group's experience.

The Flying Class Room

In many of our educational solutions for groups - especially for groups arriving from overseas - long transfers between different cities are a normality. For those long coach rides ASTUR developed a special set of educational videos with corresponding worksheets. These videos cover various topics, ranging from geography to culture and society of the European nations.

Competence: Teaching Languages


Our teachers are experienced in preparing the best teaching material, appropriate for each individual student. There is always a maximum of 15 students in any of our language classes, so lessons are manageable and provide better chances to actively participate in class. In most cases, offering a better learning environment than found in participants' schools at home improves language skills considerably. Different levels can be taught in the same class, however we separate groups of students according to their language proficiency.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for selected programmes. The benefit for students who receive One-to-One tuition is invaluable.

Active Learning

Learning to use the language actively is the main aim of our lessons. ASTUR teachers create their own motivating, cultural and original lesson plans. They can be about a whole range of topics that are taken from "real life" in the form of discussions, role plays, interviews and other active elements. You are encouraged to just talk and not be afraid of your mistakes. Seize tho opportunity as speaking the language freely will boost your learning in the future. Your vocabulary and knowledge of grammar will also automatically expand and improve - not through ineffective memorising, but rather through speaking and listening.

The Teachers

Our teachers are native speakers. That means that they not only speak the language fluently, but also have an ingrained understanding of their native culture. Moreover, they have experience in imparting their language to students from other countries.


We teach from levels A0 (beginner without previous knowledge) or A1 (beginner with little knowledge) up to B2 (upper intermediate) in accordance with CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). We have level-appropriate teaching material and the certificate which you receive at the end of your stay will indicate at what level and for how many lessons you were taught.

Competence: Exchange

Cultural Exchange

ASTUR provides the opportunity for all participants to take part in deep intercultural exchange thanks to our network of more than 6,000 selected host families, which are allocated to over 40 local centres across Germany.

Homestay Experience

Staying with a host family offers our adolescent and adult guests a unique insight in the day-to-day life of ordinary German families, leaving long-time impressions on our participants and providing better social understanding. Next to these cultural benefits, homestay accommodation brings about a fundamental boost to a participant's language skills. There is no better way to grasp the intricacies of a language than plunging right into the daily life of a foreign culture, with lessons to be learned around the clock.

ASTUR Moments

The longer a foreign guests stays at his or her host family, the higher are the chances that he or she becomes close friends with their host brothers and sisters, neighbours or classmates. Participants bond easily with their personal surroundings, no matter if they go on hikes or field trips with their host families, pursue their hobbies at a sports club or have long, personal talks with a person of trust. It goes without saying that ASTUR encourages its participants to have a lot of fun during their stay.

Win-Win Situations

Admittedly, ASTUR programmes do not exclusively aim at the benefit of its participants, but keep in mind the well-being and motivation of its host families, too. Parents consider it a genuine gain to welcome international guests into their homes, for their children as well as for themselves. Intercultural exchange works in both ways. It enables German host families to reflect on their own beliefs and convictions, get in touch with different points of view and learn new things. Ultimately, our host families serve to a certain level as ambassadors of the German culture, providing their guests with hands-on experience of what "Being German" is actually like.

Competence: Travel

High Frequency - Personal Care

Each year, over 300 groups trust ASTUR with the arrangement of their trips throughout Germany and Europe. However, every group requires its own programme, customised for their participants. We make sure that every group enjoys themselves while discovering the diverse German subcultures, customs and traditions. Our team are experts in customising programmes to your wishes. No travel is quite like any other.

Cooperation & Expertise

ASTUR staff members know where to find the best youth hostels, most comfortable hotels, friendliest host families and most reliable bus tour operators. We receive support locally from tour guides and our Center Managers, present at all ASTUR destinations


We have been promising to keep our participants safe since ASTUR was founded 1986. Staff members receive training regularly with a focus on current safety standards. That way ASTUR can ensure trouble-free trips to Germany and throughout Europe.

Your One-Stop Operator

ASTUR is at your side as your one-stop language tour operator, supplying you with service packages for accommodation, transport and programme arrangement. We are happy to alleviate you of all organisational tasks.

VISA Procedures

Should you be required to apply for a visa in order to travel to Germany or other European countries, you can always turn to us for support. ASTUR is experienced in filing visa documents at numerous international embassies, helping you overcome any bureaucratic hurdle.