The wealthy city of Wiesbaden lies right at the heart of the Rhein Main Area and is only a few kilometres away from the city of Frankfurt and Frankfurt airport. The town is famous for having
thermal springs that were used by the Romans. The hot springs of Wiesbaden have always attracted many visitors, including the poet and novelist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe or the classical composer Richard Wagner. This led to the establishment of another recreational activity – gambling. The casino of Wiesbaden has become a popular venue for the high society, rivalling those in Baden-Baden or Monaco

Host family accommodation in Wiesbaden

When booking our Language Camp in Wiesbaden, you will be placed at a local host family automatically. Through this method our guests will get first-hand experience of life in a German household with its every day culture and typical way of living. Depending on the family and the household, two to four students will live with one family, and depending on the time of travel more than one student of one nationality may live with one family.

In order to improve your language skills best, you have the option to book accommodation as the only guest of your nationality for an additional fee.

In a homestay you will also receive full board. You will begin the day with a typical breakfast in the morning. For the afternoon you will be given a packed lunch by your host family, and in the evening the family will cook a hot meal. The host family will find out from you what you like and don’t like to eat, and as a bonus, you will also get to know about German cuisine.

Please let us know in your application whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan or have any other dietary requirement. We will try to accommodate your preferences and cater for individual needs wherever possible.

Camp Wiesbaden at a glance

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Age Group:

14 - 17 years of age



12 July 2020 - 25 July 2020


Available Courses:

English (A0 - B2, only closed groups), German (A0 - B2)

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Arrival / departure:

Frankfurt am Main Airport (FRA)

Frankfurt am Main central station

Wiesbaden central station

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  • Wiesbaden
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  • Host Family (2 - 4 bed rooms)
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ASTUR Moments

  • Outdoor games
  • Day trip to Koblenz

More about Camp Wiesbaden

With 300,000 inhabitants, Wiesbaden attracts visitors with a variety of attractions and activities. Today‘s local recreational area at the state-owned Schierstein harbour, for example, provides excellent facilities
for watersports. Another attraction is the Nerobergbahn; this cable car travels directly to the top of Neroberg at 245 meters, where there are interesting historical buildings to visit. Wiesbaden is definitely worth a visit!

Did you know...
... that ASTUR is a "certified" language tour operator? There is a European Norm, EN 14804, regulating high standards for youth travel operators - and we are proud to have been granted this certification.
Any questions about Camp Wiesbaden?

Our Camp specialist Susanne Hofmann is here to help! You can reach her

via landline at +49 661 296971-20

or via e-mail at

and discuss your stay at camp personally.

At Camp Wiesbaden your language course will consist of 5 units per day, taking place every morning for 5 days per week. We offer the following language courses:

  • English
  • German

In total you will attend 20 units per week in order to improve your language skills. There will be no language course during the weekends.

Further information about ASTUR language courses >>>

As soon as your language course is over for the day and you've had your lunch, get ready for the afternoon activities. Every day you have a different choice between several workshops. Activities range from a trip to Neroberg to going to the swimming pool or bowling.

In the evenings you will return to your host families. After dinner you can spend some free time together.

You can take a peek look at what the first week at Camps Wiesbaden last year looked like like via this link to the camp schedule.

Lest the whether decides to ruin our plans, the first week of camp will follow this programme.

The free time programme is organised and led by our German speaking supervisors. There will always be a ratio of fifteen students to at least one supervisor. Our supervisors will know ‘their’ students, just as you will get to know your supervisors. They are always there for you to talk to, whether you feel unwell, have a question, or just simply want to have a chat. Naturally, our supervisors speak English, too. So, whenever there might be a problem, you will be able to talk about it and be heard.

Furthermore, we have a 24-hour emergency hotline every day which we will react to immediately should there be a bigger problem.

The highlight of the week is the day trip on Saturday. You will go to a town, such as Koblenz, where you will have a tour of the most important sights including a visit to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress and Deutsches Eck, where river Moselle flows into the imposing river Rhine.

The arrival day at the Language Camp in Wiesbaden is on Sunday, and departure day is on Saturday. Your parents will either bring you to the meeting point by car, or you will come by plane to Frankfurt  International Airport (FRA), or by train to Frankfurt main station. If you arrive or depart by plane or train, we recommend you to sign up for a transfer to/from the meeting point in Wiesbaden as early as possible upon booking. You will then be picked up punctually and won’t need to worry about anything. If you come by train to Wiesbaden main station, then the host family will pick you up there.

Please organise your arrival and departure so that you check in between 14:00 and 17:00 and check out between 08:00 and 11:00. Lunch is not included in the price of your arrival and departure day. If you need it due to early arrival or late departure times, you can book this for an additional fee. For arrivals and transfers outside the allotted times there will also be a surcharge.

What Camp Wiesbaden looks like...
Organising your free time on camp

All free time activities on camp are put together by our experienced team of camp supervisors. They are in charge of all activities and provide guidance and supervision. It won't get boring on camp.

Our camp staff can rely on its long-time experience. They know which activities will be the most exciting and enjoyable.

Our teamers are here for you

Our teamers are always approachable. And we can guarantee that there are enough teamers on camp that no student or their needs will be overlooked.

We guarantee as well that the ratio of participants' numbers to camp staff is well balanced. The supervisor-participant ratio of 1:15 is keenly observed.

Where to find Wiesbaden on the map

Dates and prices
Course Dates Two Weeks Day Camp
12 July 2020 - 25 July 2020 1,225.00 € 820.00 €
Additional services Surcharge
Accommodation as only guest of the same native language in host family 100,00 €
Day trip on Saturday for day campers 45.00 €
Travel Insurance: Third Party, Medical, Accident for EU citizens (per day)* 1.10 €
Travel Insurance: Third Party, Medical, Accident for non-EU citizens (per day)* 2.00 €
Gluten-free diet (per week) 78.00 €
Invitation / booking confirmation for visa (plus postage) 30.00 €
Transfers (always one-way) Surcharge
from / to Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)* 50.00 €
from / to Frankfurt main station* 75.00 €
from / to Wiesbaden main station* Included
Early arrival (before 12 noon) or late departure (after 01.00 PM) 75.00 €
Additional lunch with early arrival or late departure 15.00 €
* For additional information about this point, please refer to our offer under Donwloads.
Additional information for closed groups Price
Accommodation in host family (per leader, per stay)* 770.00 €
* For additional information about this point, please refer to our offer under Donwloads.
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If you are eager to know all there is to know about Camp Wiesbaden, we recommend the following downloadable documents. You will find the complete list of details about all services provided below. Feel free to take a good look at our offer (all documents as PDF format).

PDF Offer Language Camp Wiesbaden 2020

PDF Sample programme Language Camp Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden is not the camp you are looking for?

There may be many obstacles which can prevent you from coming to camp. The location may be to far away from home. Possible dates may be unconvenient or something else makes attending just impossible.

In these cases we would like to offer another camp from our portfolio. Maybe one of them is the one for you!

What your forerunners have to say

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Mae, 15 Camp Wiesbaden

"The lessons were very interesting. I could learn a lot from the language course. My highlight was the trip to the dinosaur museum "

Lisa, 14 Camp Wiesbaden

"Every day on camp was very busy. I was always looking forward to meeting my host family again in the evenings. They felt like my real family."