Adventure and Creativity Camp Walsrode

Adventure and Creativity Camp Walsrode

The International Adventure and Creativity Camp Walsrode is located at the beautiful Lueneburg Heath, close to Hamburg, Bremen and Hannover. Camp spans an area of over 15 hectares, with vast meadows, forests and even a few small lakes with their own beaches. We are proud to have created such a holiday paradise for children and adolescents. The whole area is divided into a number of areas which all offer exciting activities.

Whether you go kayaking, bridge or raft building, enjoy yourself on the water trampoline or in a water walking ball: everything is possible in the “Beach & Water Area“. Next to it, the “Survival Area“ offers team building activities, including climbing and a high ropes course. It is the ideal area for all adventurers and creative minds!

Adventure camping and block house accommodation at Camp Walsrode

Camp consists of several tent settlements, designated for our different age brackets. Every age bracket has their own area. A tent settlement consists of 20 tents each with room for six to seven participants. Our tents are very spacious, equipped with wooden floors and elevated places to sleep.

Our so-called “Adventure Lodges”, simple but expedient two- to four-bedroom cabins, remind of Canadian flair and provide accommodation for four to eight participants. Beside beds the rooms offer shelves and seats.

Washhouses and toilets for girls and for boys are located at central positions. Our members of staff, the so-called “teamer”, live on camp as well and are there for the participants around the clock without delay. They are happy to help and answer any questions 24/7.

And, of course, we are not ignorant to special diets. Please let us know in your application whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan or have any other dietary requirement. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences and cater for your individual needs.

More about Camp Walsrode

We see to it that the nationalities in each house are very diverse, so that you are able to speak German or English all the time and learn to master the challenges that the daily life on camp has in store for you. Nonetheless, when you arrive with a friend, we will allow the two of you to be accommodated in the same accommodation.

Camp Walsrode at a glance

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Age Group:

7 - 12 years of age (Juniors), 12 - 16 years of age (Seniors)



30 June 2019 - 31 August 2019

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Airport (Arrival):

Hamburg (HAM)

Hannover (HAJ)

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  • Walsrode
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  • Adventure Camping (6 - 7 students per tent)
  • Block Houses (4 - 8 beds)
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ASTUR Moments

  • BMX und Dirt Bike
  • Serengeti Park
Any questions about Camp Walsrode?

Our Camp specialist Susanne Hofmann is here to help! You can reach her

via landline at +49 661 296971-20

or via e-mail at

and discuss your stay at camp personally.

Did you know...
... that ASTUR is a "certified" language tour operator? There is a European Norm, EN 14804, regulating high standards for youth travel operators - and we are proud to have been granted this certification.

What Camp Walsrode looks like...

Organising your free time on camp

All free time activities on camp are put together by our experienced team of camp supervisors. They are in charge of all activities and provide guidance and supervision. It won't get boring on camp.

Our camp staff can rely on its long-time experience. They know which activities will be the most exciting and enjoyable.

Our teamers are here for you

Our teamers are always approachable. And we can guarantee that there are enough teamers on camp that no student or their needs will be overlooked.

We guarantee as well that the ratio of participants' numbers to camp staff is well balanced. The supervisor-participant ratio of 1:8 is keenly observed.

Where to find Walsrode on the map

Dates and prices
Course Dates One Week (7 days / 6 nights) Two Weeks (14 days / 13 nights)
Camp Village Adventure Lodge Camp Village Adventure Lodge
23 June 2019 - 29 June 2019 385.00 € 450.00 € -- --
30 June 2019 - 06 July 2019 385.00 € 450.00 € 770.00 € 900.00 €
07 July 2019 - 13 July 2019 385.00 € 450.00 €
14 July 2019 - 20 July 2019 385.00 € 450.00 € 770.00 € 900.00 €
21 July 2019 - 27 July 2019 368.00 € 450.00 €
28 July 2019 - 03 August 2019 385.00 € 450.00 € 770.00 € 900.00 €
04 August 2019 - 10 August 2019 385.00 € 450.00 €
11 August 2019 - 17 August 2019 395.00 € 450.00 € 770.00 € 900.00 €
18 August 2019 - 24 August 2019 385.00 € 450.00 €
25 August 2019 - 31 August 2019 395.00 € 450.00 € -- --
Specials Price
Additional day on camp 120.00
Special: Creative, Sports & Adventure (Juniors / Seniors) included
Special: Soccer (Juniors / Seniors) included
Special: GEOlino (Juniors; only in German) per week 60.00 €
Special: First Aid (Juniors / Seniors) per week 50.00 €
Special: Girls' Camp (Juniors / Seniors) per week 50.00 €
Special: Survival (Juniors / Seniors) per week 50.00 €
Special: Horse riding (Juniors / Seniors) per week 95.00 €
Special: Leadership (Juniors / Seniors), two week special, 30 June – 13 July / 28 July - 03 August / 04 August - 17 August 100.00 €
Special: Beginners' course German (Juniors / Seniors) per week 95.00 €
Special: Beginners' course English (Juniors / Seniors) per week 95.00 €
Special: Advanced course German (Juniors / Seniors) per week 125.00 €
Special: Advanced course English (Juniors / Seniors) per week 125.00 €
Day trip to Hamburg (bookable for 2 week stays) 65.00 €
Additional week on camp(when booking 3 weeks or more) on request
Sleeping bag (retail price) 60.00 €
Sleeping mat (for rent) 15.00 €
Bed linnen in block house accommodation (for rent) 20.00 €
Laundry service (bookable for 2 week stays) 25.00 €
Travel Insurance: Third Party, Medical, Accident for EU citizens (per day) 1.10 €
Travel Insurance: Third Party, Medical, Accident for non-EU citizens (per day) 2.00 €
Invitation / booking confirmation for visa (plus postage) 30.00 €
Transfers (always one-way) Surcharge
from / to Hannover central station, arrival between 02.00 and 04.00 PM / departure between 11.00 AM and 01.00 PM 40.00 €, one way
from / to Hannover airport (HAJ), arrival between 10.00 AM and 03.00 PM / departure between 02.00 and 06.00 PM 60.00 €, one way
from / to Hamburg airport (HAM), arrival between 10.00 AM and 03.00 PM / departure between 02.00 and 06.00 PM 60.00 €, one way
Transfer service for closed groups on request
Early arrival or late departure 60.00 €
UM service fee (when UM booked with the airline) 40.00 €
Walsrode is not the camp you are looking for?

There may be many obstacles which can prevent you from coming to camp. The location may be to far away from home. Possible dates may be unconvenient or something else makes attending just impossible.

In these cases we would like to offer another camp from our portfolio. Maybe one of them is the one for you!

Talk to us via social media

You have questions for us but don’t have an e-mail address? You currently don’t have access to your mails? You’d rather have a simple chat with us? In those cases, just contact us via social media and we get back to you as soon as possible. You’ll reach us via the button below.

What your forerunners have to say

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Tanja, 15 Camp Walsrode

"Creativity Camp Walsrode was super fun. I could really relax and be creative, spending my time outdoors. And, in the afternoons, it was a nice change to go swimming in the camp lakes."

Marc, 13 Camp Walsrode

"At Camp Walsrode I could choose all those activities I've always wanted to do. We saw wild animals at Serengeti Park and going on the Adventure Hike was a tremendous experience. I have never spent a more diverse time during my holidays."