North Germany destinations

Water is the dominant and connecting element of the North. Numerous rivers and canals run through the vast plains and heaths of North Germany. The coasts of the North Sea and Baltic Sea are particularly beautiful and between the two seas lie the ancient cities of the Hanseatic League, welcoming you to discover their medieval architecture and seafaring traditions. From the large heaths of Lower Saxony to the urban "Speicherstadt" in Hamburg, from the old towns of Lübeck, Stralsund and Wismar to the sand beaches and waterways: North Germany has a lot to offer - not least 11 UNESCO world heritage sites. We divided our northern ASTUR Centers into the following subcategories:

Seafarers & Traders
The historic Hanseatic towns of Lübeck and Lüneburg hold a vault of stories about their former glory and power as medieval commercial powerhouses. Our international guests usually travel to the far north of Germany in order to learn about the history of seafaring or the sea itself. Nautical activities may range from trips to Hamburg or Bremen, visits to the North or Baltic Sea or the unique scenery. After some time in the lively port towns, you will find peace and quiet at the sound of the waves.
Trade Fares & Fairy Tales
Even though it may be a few miles from our Centers in Hanover and Detmold to the sea, there is an abundance of exciting activities in the central north region of Germany. There is the capital city of Lower Saxony, Hanover. The busy town centre is renowned for its international trade fares and contemporary art. Then there is Detmold. The region counts among the the primary settings of many tales by the brothers Grimm. Hameln, Kassel or the castle of Sleeping Beauty are located close-by.

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