Class trip to Hanover

Class trips to the capital of Lower Saxony offer you a comprehensive overview of 21st century Germany. You can learn about the country's origins, for example about past power houses like the Hanseatic League. Primarily, however, you will experience modern-day Germany, ranging from nature at Lake Maschsee, engineering at Volkswagen factory and modern art at Sprengel Museum. As a representation of Germany's status quo, Hanover is your best choice.

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ASTUR group travel programmes to Hanover

group travel

Age Group:

10 - 18 years of age in homestay

from 12 years of age in residence/hotel

group travel

Arrival and departure:


Hanover (HAJ)

Train station:
Hanover main station

group travel


  • Host family (2 - 4 bed rooms)
  • Youth hostel (4 - 8 bed rooms)
  • Hotel (single or twin rooms)

Sample programme

Day 1 - Hanover

In the morning:

Begin your class trip with a guided city tour through the State capital and learn about the various periods of city history. You may particularly like Hanover Market Church or the city's Old Town, where you can discover many stylish bars and cafes, located inside renovated timbered houses.

In the afternoon:

After lunch you will visit Herrenhausen Gardens, one of the most splendid baroque garden in Europe. Within the garden you have the chance to visit a three-roomed grotto, designed by the artist Niki de Saint Phalle, creator of the Nanas. Should the weather permit, you can spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing at Lake Maschsee.

Day 2 - Bremen

In the morning:

During your day trip to Bremen, you will first of all be introduced to the city's most famous citizens, the Town Musicians of Bremen. Another important citizen is Roland. His statue is one of UNESCO's world heritage sites. Legend has it that Roland protects the city's freedom and independence.

In the afternoon:

For the afternoon we scheduled a visit at Universum for you. This science center offers encourages you to interact with the museum exhibits.

Day 3 - Lüneburg

In the morning:

Today you will head to Lüneburg, town of salt. Surely, you have never heard of a „pregnant house“ before? And do you know, why some streets in the town centre have sunk? Your tour guide will tell you everything.

In the afternoon:

Later you will take a guided tour at German Salt Museum, where you will learn how valuable salt really used to be and how it used to be processed. This includes a first-hand experience of what it means to boil salt. When the work is done, you may keep your self-produced piece of "white gold" of course.

Day 4 - Wolfsburg

Day trip:

Wolfsburg is world-famous for its automotive factory Volkswagen. Nearly everything revolves around the topic of mobility. At the Autostadt, a theme park spanning 28 hectares next to VW factory, you are offered a variety of fun activities mixed with information about automobile history and production today.

Day 5 - Modern Arts

In the morning:

Friends of modern art will enjoy themselves a lot, as you will visit Sprengel Museum this morning. All connaisseurs of comics and caricatures will alternatively opt for the German Museum for Caricature and the Art of Drawings.

In the afternoon:

Before getting ready for your trip back home, you have the opportunity to go for a little shopping tour through Hanover's sprawling city center.

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