Class trip to the North of Germany

The North of Germany is a diverse region within the ASTUR network: On the one hand there are the magnificent Hanseatic towns Lübeck and Lüneburg with their idyllic, medieval town centres. On the other hand there are the busy, modern cities Hamburg and Bremen. On the one hand the beautiful Lüneburg Heath is waiting to be discovered, on the other hand, Hannover and Detmold welcome you with ancient German fairy tales and contemporary trade fares or art. North Germany truly has a lot in store for everybody.

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ASTUR group travel programmes to the North of Germany

group travel

Age Group:

10 - 18 years of age in homestay

from 12 years of age in residence/hotel

group travel

Arrival and departure:


Hamburg (HAM)
Bremen (BRE)

Train station:
Lüneburg main station
Lübeck main station

group travel


  • Host family (2 - 4 bed rooms)
  • Youth hostel (4 - 8 bed rooms)
  • Hotel (single or twin rooms)

Sample programme

Day 1 - Hamburg

In the morning:

You arrive in Hamburg in the morning and start your experience right away on a guided tour into the city centre: City Hall, Alster lake, Jungfernstieg boulevard.

In the afternoon:

After lunch you take part in a tour through Hamburg's warehouse district Speicherstadt. Afterwards you visit Hamburg Sea Port and embark on a one-hour harbour tour.

Day 2 - Lübeck & Travemünde

In the morning:

You start the day with a trip to Lübeck. The city centre is waiting for you already, and you will take a look at Holsten Gate. Afterwards you are headed towards Lübeck's famous Marzipan Museum where you attend the „Marzipan Show“. You will learn a lot about the sweet delicacy, how it tastes and how it can be molded. Every participant receives their marzipan diploma after the show.

In the afternoon:

In the afternoon you travel to Travemünde, a seaside resort located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. During your time on the beach you will climb Germany's oldest lighthouse.

Day 3 - Lüneburg

In the morning:

You start your day with a tour of the town's German Salt Museum, combined with a themed guided tour of Lübeck. You will find out about how the town prospered thanks to selling salt.

In the afternoon:

After having had lunch, you check out the Brewery Museum. The last item on the itinerary for the day will be a climb of the Lüneburg Water Tower.

Day 4 - Hamburg

In the morning:

First, you visit MS Cap San Diego a cargo ship which has been transformed into a museum. After your visit you climb the bell tower of St. Michael's Church. The church is called "Michel" among the locals and counts as the city's landmarks. From the top of the bell tower, you have a wonderful view over the city. Here, you will catch a glimpse of Hamburg's newest site, Elbphilharmonie! It is a brand new concert hall and was opened in January 2017.

In the afternoon:

Before heading back to your accommodation, you will pay Hamburg's Miniature Wonderland a visit. The models will surprise you with their seemingly endless number of details.

Day 5 - Bremen

In the morning:

Once you have arrived in Bremen, you will check out the city center on a guided tour. You will discover the most popular sights, such as the Town Musicians of Bremen, the historic district of Schnoor, the Bremen Roland and the beautiful market square as well.

In the afternoon:

For the afternoon you have tickets for the Universum Science Centre, where you are in for an exceptional scientific discovery tour. The exhibits include topics such as mankind, earth and the universe.

You want to know more?

If you are interested in finding out more about all available Group Travel opportunities to Germany, you can return to the class trips overview here. If you are keen to know what the area has on offer in general, feel free to head on to the presentation of all ASTUR Centers. Here, we have put together a number of activities, which you may add to your own individual group travel programme.

More activities in the North of Germany
The class trip you have just browsed through is a popular example of group travel programmes we offer. However, the area has much more to offer. On the ASTUR destinations presentation sites, you have an even greater variety of possible exciting activities. It is our goal to create travel programmes which in a way that corresponds to all the ideas you had in mind. Of course, we are happy to consult you on which activities are best suited for your travel purposes.