Black Forest destinations

Black Forest is a large mountain range situated in the Sough West of Germany, in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, sharing borders with France and Switzerland for example. The famous German river Rhine flows along the Western Black Forest foothills. The highest mountain in the Black Forest mountain range is Feldberg. The region is not only famous for its cuckoo clocks and gâteau, but also for its unique customs and traditions. The breathtaking landscapes and mild climate are the icing on the cake. The local ASTUR Centers have exactly those kind of activities in store for you: nature, traditions, history as well as science and environmental technology.

Destination Stuttgart
In the Northern part of Black Forest lies a very popular ASTUR Center: Stuttgart. The city is considered one of the biggest towns of tranquil "Swabia", close to the river Rhine and the French border. It is the ideal destination for all those who are looking for a combination of stunning nature and modern technology. Not only can you discover the local environment, you also enjoy tours through world-famous automotive museums such as Porsche and Mercedes Benz, as their origins lie here.
Swabia counts among the hidden treasures of Germany. The region spans along the north-eastern foothills of the Black Forest mountain range, reaching from Stuttgart to the town of Ulm. It is the ideal destination for all those who are looking for a combination of stunning nature and modern technology. Ulm is located at the heart of Swabia. From there it is only a short way to the region's magnificent palaces such as Neuschwanstein Castle. The town itself has a lot to offer, too. After all, it is the birthplace of Albert Einstein!
Black Forest & Lake Constance
Our Centers in the Southwest of Germany welcome many groups every year. This is not only owed to the fantastic - almost Mediterranean - climate with warm springs and hot summers, but also to the vast number of exciting activities: Black Forest traditions, untouched nature, castles and parks as well as modern technology in the field of sustainable energy are only a few examples. ´

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