Rhineland destinations

We admit, the German Rhineland is most famous for the local street carnival parades. However, this part of Germany has so much more to offer! A few of the country's most ancient and impressive cathedrals can be found here. The region's largest cities such as Cologne or Düsseldorf buzz with an international atmosphere and the river Rhine is waiting to be discovered via a boat trip for example. Beside the urban flair, present in the cosmopolitan hubs, it is also possible to retreat into nature. Rhineland holds a beautiful valley with forests, hills and numerous medieval castles. As West Germany is one of ASTUR's most frequented travel destination, we can offer you a number of ASTUR Centers here. We divided them into the following subcategories:

Central Rhineland
The people living in the central Rhineland area resonate with joie de vivre like no one else in Germany. When travelling to this most densely populated region, you experience an unparalleled intercultural atmosphere teamed with open-mindedness, tolerance and kindness. From Cologne to Bonn or Mönchengladbach, all groups who plan their trips here can be sure to make unforgettable experiences in Germany's buzzing West.
Rhenish-Hesse & Rhine Gorge
This region's most distinctive feature is the large number of castles and palaces, located in the wooded hills along the river Rhine. Between the cities of Bingen and Bonn you experience environment and history hands-on. Naturally, with woods and castles come tales and myths. This is particularly true in the Rhine Gorge area. The Lorelei rock and a number of sites from the Song of the Nibelungs wait for you to discover them.

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