Class trips across Europe

Thanks to years of experience in the field of operating youth travel programmes, we are grateful to have established sound relationships with a number of partners across Europe. Therefore, ASTUR was able to grow into a proficient youth travel operator for trips to Germany, as well as our European neighbours. Accommodation will be provided through youth hostels or hotels. The standards we uphold when putting together trips across Europe are naturally on the same level as trips we organise in Germany. ASTUR offers informed advise, flexibility in questions related to itineraries, care for individual focal points and well balanced cost-effectiveness.

From travel dates to destinations and programme activities, we can put together a class trip after your individual ideas and requirements to ensure that your trip will be a success for you and an unforgettable experience for all group members!

The following samples shall give insight into the possibilities we can offer you.

Any questions about our group travel programmes in Europe?

Our outgoing travel specialist Nadine Liske is here to help! You can reach her

via landline at +49 661 296971-28

or via e-mail at

and discuss everything related to your travel ideas.

Current class trips across Europe

Class trip London
The capital of the United Kingdom counts among the most fascinating world cities. Its history, dating back to ancient Roman times, meets unique British customs and the spear head of the modern world.
Class trip Paris
The city of love has been attracting visitors for centuries. From Eiffel Tower to the Louvre; Paris tells you everything about France's radiant history, French art, music and culture - as it used to be and as it is in contemporary times.
Class trip Amsterdam
The famous Dutch capital is renowned for its artistic heritage and sprawling Gracht waterways. Amsterdam owes its fame to the skilled merchants and artists.