Welcome to the Allgäu, an idyllic mountain region in the South West of Bavaria. Trips to the Allgäu provide everything you could hope for, when it comes to a truly Bavarian experience. Your activities will primarily involve activities in nature, ranging from sports to culture: Hiking, mountain biking or rock climbing are great summer activities, while in winter you can go skiing, tobogganing or ice skating.

Medieval castle ruins or fairy tale palaces, such as Neuschwanstein Castle for example, wait for you to be discovered, as are the larger towns of Kempten or Kaufbeuren. Furthermore, Munich or Lake Constance are not too far away, which make for perfect day trip destinations.

Kaufbeuren Center

Our Kaufbeuren Center is located at the Eastern part of the Allgäu. Nature, sports and relaxation await you here. The following activities are available in Center vicinity:

Educational trips - Culture

  • Church of Wies - history, architecture, religion
  • Neuschwanstein - history, architecture
  • Linderhof Castle - architecture, Middle Ages
  • Nymphenburg Castle - architecture, palace gardens
  • Ottobeuren Abbey - architecture, religion
  • Educational trips - environment

  • Castle ruins Eisenberg - hiking, architecture
  • Castle ruins Falkenstein - hiking, architecture
  • La Salette chapel - hiking, religion
  • Educational trips - geography

  • Trip to Munich
  • Trip to Augsburg
  • Trip to Lake Constance
  • Day trips to sites allocated to neighbouring ASTUR Centers can be included in travel programmes for this Center as well. Should you be interested in further destinations of the ASTUR network, jus follow this link.

    Impressions from Kaufbeuren and sites in Center vicinity

    Which programmes are available?

    When it comes to booking a programme for you - or adapting an existing programme to your wishes or even creating your own itinerary for that matter - your travel destination plays a key role. ASTUR offers a variety of travel opportunities to international guests and interested groups at home. You can pick from one or more of the following areas:

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