Class trip to Ulm

The medieval town of Ulm combines exciting outdoor activities with impressive architecture and history. Pleasant weather conditions and the friendly mindset of the locals turn group travel programmes to Ulm into memorable events. The birthplace of the world's most famous physicist, Albert Einstein, holds fantastic travel opportunities for you.

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ASTUR group travel programmes to Ulm

group travel

Age Group:

10 - 18 years of age in homestay

from 12 years of age in residence/hotel

group travel

Arrival and departure:


Train station:
Ulm main station

group travel


  • Host family (2 - 4 bed rooms)
  • Youth hostel (4 - 8 bed rooms)
  • Hotel (single or twin rooms)

Sample programme

Day 1 - Ulm

In the morning:

Discover the birthplace of Albert Einstein during a guided tour of the town and its cathedral, Ulm Minster! Beside getting to know the historic town hall of Ulm, you will also take a stroll through the town's romantic Fishermen's Quarter. At Ulm Minster, try to find Einstein's famous equation E=mc², carved into one of the Cathedral windows…

In the afternoon:

After lunch, you will need all your strength to climb the tower of Ulm Minster. Your challenge is to climb the world's highest cathedral tower! When you return to firm ground, head into Ulm's old town and visit the „Leaning House“. The building is currently used as a hotel and is mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records. It has a slope of almost 10° and is thus the most lopsided hotel in the world, even more than the Leaning Tower in Pisa!

Picture by: Ulm/Neu-Ulm Touristik GmbH

Day 2 - Wiblingen

In the morning:

During a guided tour of Museum of Bread Culture you find out all there is to know about the craftsmanship and the history of making bread. A second area of the exhibition presents food security around the world, as it presents itself today.

In the afternoon:

In the afternoon you will head towards Wiblingen Abbey. The former monastery is now open for guided tours and boasts a magnificent library with rococo ornaments and paintings.

Picture by: Ulm/Neu-Ulm Touristik GmbH

Day 3 - Blaubeuren & Laichingen

In the morning:

After breakfast you will be headed to Blaubeuren, not far from Ulm. Your destination is the Blautopf spring, the most famous karstic spring in Germany. A small train will take you on a tour to "Rucken" rock and to the spring itself. It usually has a blueish glow, but turns turquoise after long, dry periods.

In the afternoon:

You will continue your trip this day to Laichingen, where Germany's deepest Sandstone Cave waits for you. The cave reaches up to 55 m into the ground. Inside the cave it es generally rather cold, only about 8° Celsius. So you better take a jacket! Next to the cave entry you can enjoy yourselves at a high ropes adventure parkour.

Day 4 - Neuschwanstein Castle

Day trip:

This day, you will travel to the famous fairy tale castle, erected by King Ludwig II.

Discover Germany's most famous landmark: Neuschwanstein Castle. From the bridge, called "Marienbrücke", you have a fantastic view at the south side of the palace.

To round off your day trip you will take a walk along the beautiful lake Alpsee. Here you have the opportunity to relax after this thrilling day.

Day 5 - Legoland Günzburg

Day trip:

On the last day of your trip to Ulm, you will take a trip to Legoland Günzburg. This leisure park awaits with a large number of attractions, shows and roller coasters. Of course, you can also marvel at what the Legoland designers built with the popular building blocks.

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