Class trip to Franconia

Welcome to Franconia, the enchanting Bavarian North. The most characteristic traits of Franconia are its deep forests, low mountain ranges and vineyards. Numerous castles and medieval town centres tell of wealth achieved during the Middle Ages. Take a stroll through Bamberg, Würzburg or Nuremberg and marvel at the fairy-tale architecture.

Franconian culture is very important to the locals. This is why in Bayreuth, an Eastern-Franconian town, every year large operas by Richard Wagner are produced. After all, it was his home town.

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ASTUR group travel programmes to Erlangen

group travel

Age Group:

10 - 18 years of age in homestay

from 12 years of age in residence/hotel

group travel

Arrival and departure:


Munich (MUC)

Train station:
Erlangen main station

group travel


  • Host family (2 - 4-bed rooms)
  • Youth hostel (4 - 8-bed rooms)
  • Hotel (single or twin rooms)

Sample Programme

Day 1 - Discover Nuremberg

In the morning:

You will start off your class trip with a discovery tour of Nuremberg, including the town's most important symbol, Nuremberg Castle. You will carry on to the famous "Beautiful Fountain", which used to be the town's most vital fresh water source. From the top of Sinwell Tower you have a fantastic view of the old town.

In the afternoon:

During Christmas season, the world famous German market "Christkindlesmarkt" offers sweets, ginger bread and hand-made Christmas decoration.

Day 2 - Nuremberg - town history

In the morning:

After breakfast you will visit Nuremberg's Toy Museum, which counts among the most renowned museums of the history of games and toys. Take a look at the large collection presented across approx. 1,400 m² where, of course, you are invited to play with some of the toys.

In the afternoon:

Later that day you will participate in a guided tour at “Memorium Nuremberg Trials“. Located at the courthouse where, in "Courtroom 600" the post-war International Military Tribunal was held between 1945 and 46, you will have intriguing insight into how the leaders of the Nazi regime stood trial.

Day 3 - Bayreuth

In the morning:

Today you will head to the town of Bayreuth, where your guide will take you on a tour of Margravial Opera House. In 2012 the opera house was named a UNSESCO world heritage site.

In the afternoon:

After lunch you will travel a short distance further and delve into the stalactite cave in Pottenstein, called Devil's Hole. Entry to the cave can be found in the nature park of Franconia-Switzerland. Deep underground you will learn about the cave's geology and discover an entire cave bear skeleton.

Day 4 - Würzburg

In the morning:

The town of Würzburg is well-known for its rococo architecture. When you will take part in a guided tour of Würzburg Residence you will find that out for yourselves. Würzburg Residence also counts among UNESCO's world heritage sites. Another Würzburg trademark is the wine which is produced locally. From Marienburg Fortress you have a fantastic view over the many vineyards along the river Main.

In the afternoon:

On your way through Franconia you will make a little pit stop in Buttenheim, the birthplace of Levi Strauss, creator of the presumably most famous piece of clothing on earth: jeans trousers. Levi Strauss Museum may not be very large. However, it tells you about how jeans wear was developed, how it is produced today and what the invention meant for Levi Strauss personally.

Day 5 - Rothenburg (Tauber)

In the morning:

For your last day in Franconia, we picked a trip to Rothenburg (Tauber) for you. This medieval town has become world-famous due to its well preserved town centre. You will get to know Rothenburg and its narrow alleyways during an exciting guided tour. Rothenburg also boasts a Christmas Village, which is open for visitors year-round!

In the afternoon:

During your final visit during the trip you need to get ready to be scared a little, as you will pay a visit to Medieval Crime and Justice Museum. The museum knows how to impressively present how justice was delivered in the Middle Ages and how justice developed ever since.

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