Northern Bavaria

Covering more than 70.000 km², Bavaria counts as the largest Federal State in Germany. Even though most programmes take place in Southern Bavaria and Munich, due to the appeal of the capital and the Alps, the north of Bavaria has a lot of exciting activities to offer, too. The majestic mountains and forests of Franconian Switzerland, being home to magnificent castles and medieval towns, beckon you to discover them.

Beside this, northern Bavaria is well-versed in the field of science, too. After all, Audi produces its world-famous cars here. It is definitely worth to check out Northern Bavaria when planning a trip to Germany!

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Erlangen Center

Our Erlangen Center is located in north Bavaria. The following activities are available in Center vicinity:

Educational trips - Middle Ages

  • Coburg Fortress - arts, architecture
  • Rotenburg ob der Tauber - Museum for Medieval Crime and Punishment, architecture
  • Würzburg - palaces, parks, religion
  • Ansbach - Kaspar Hauser, rococo
  • Bayreuth - theater, opera, music
  • Bamberg- architecture, religion
  • Educational trips - Modern Age

  • Ingolstadt - Audi, military, police
  • Nürnberg - ginger bread, Faber Castell, Third Reich and Wold War II
  • Buttenheim - hometown of Levi Strauss
  • Adventure trips

  • Drip stone caves of Franconian Switzerland
  • High rope adventure park at lake Brombach
  • Playmobil Funpark in Zirndorf
  • Day trips to sites allocated to neighbouring ASTUR Centers can be included in travel programmes for this Center as well. Should you be interested in further destinations of the ASTUR network, jus follow this link.

    Impressions from Erlangen and sites in Center vicinity

    Which programmes are available?

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