Language training Koblenz

When we embark on creating a language training for a group, we cooperate closely with our partners in order to make their travel wishes and ideas a reality. We take requests of destinations, learning material, course length and preferred free time activities into consideration and do everything to integrate them in the final itinerary.

In 2018 we created this language training programme in Koblenz. From their travel itinerary you may draw inspiration for your own language travel programme. We are happy to assist.

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ASTUR language training in Koblenz

group travel

Ager group:

14 - 16 years of age



1 week, Sunday to Sunday

group travel

Arrival and departure:

Train to Koblenz main station

group travel



Language course

The focus of this language training was placed on text production by the group leaders. Therefore ASTUR arranged an itinerary - in close cooperation with the responsible teachers - with the following language classes:

  • Preparation - language placement & grammar
  • Lesson 1 - German literature & standard language
  • Lesson 2 - German colloquialisms & dialects
  • Lesson 3 - Text types news article, short story, poem
  • Lesson 4 - Creative writing & presentation, final test

In class you are encouraged to just talk and not be afraid of your mistakes. Seize this opportunity as speaking the language freely will boost your learning success and motivate you to continue mastering the language in the future.

Free time activities & excursions

After the language course had been held for the day, this group headed into the city or the surrounding area for free time activities. Highlights ranged from a guided tour of Ehrenbreitstein Fortress or Romanticum Koblenz, as well as a boat tour to see the Andernach Geyser. When booking language trainings of 2 weeks or more, one day trip is included in the itinerary by default, taking place on the weekend. However, further excursions can always be booked, for one-week language trainings as well. The language training at hand opted for 2 excursions - Bonn and Cologne.

Day 1

  • Arrival in Koblenz
  • Reception by an ASTUR Center Manager and allocation of students to their host families

Day 2

  • Language course: Preparation and lesson 1
  • Guided tour of Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, taking the cable car

Day 3

  • Day trip to Bonn
    Guided tour of House of History of the Federal Republic of Germany
    Visit Haribo-Shop
    Free time in Bonn city centre

Day 4

  • Language course: Lesson 2
  • Visit Andernach Geyser by boat

Day 5

  • Language course: Lesson 3
  • Visit Romanticum Koblenz

Day 6

  • Language course: Lesson 4
  • Free time in Koblenz city centre

Day 7

  • Day trip to Cologne
    Visit Chocolate Museum
  • Free time in Cologne city centre

Day 8

  • Departure

Free time activities


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