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A wonderful world - Meeting international friends often means stumbling upon funny situations, as our cultural backgrounds clash.

Education - Life holds uncountable lessons for everyone. Lets learn about learning.

Germany professional - Everything related to the professional world in Germany, ranging from industry 4.0, to topics for delegations, trade fairs etc.

Ze Germans - We are said to love working and lack a sense of humour… but do we really?

Most recent blog posts

  • ASTUR would not be a successful language tour operator for yound international students without the helping hands of our host family coordinators throughout Germany. At each of the ASTUR host
  • We would like to introduce you to Francesca. This young Italian lady chose to spend a year at a German secondary school and asked ASTUR to arrange her academic programme.
  • ASTUR is an active partner in the field of intercultural learning experiences. For many years we have been making possible successful exchange programmes between German and internattional students. Through our
  • Germans do like to get into the festive Christmas mood. They even begin several weeks before Christmas Day. The tradition is called "Advent" and is based on an ancient Christian