ASTUR is an active partner in the field of intercultural learning experiences. For many years we have been making possible successful exchange programmes between German and internattional students.

Through our exchange programmes, German students as well as their new international classmates gain valuable insight into each other's cultural background, broadening their horizons. ASTUR makes an effort to promote the personal development of adolescents by means of intercultural interaction, so that they may grow into open-minded and tolerant world citizens, aware of their cultural roots and of the reality lived by their exchange partners.

Success story of Fulda (GER) and Shanghai (VRC)

The ASTUR School Ambassador programme between Freiherr-vom-Stein Schule, a secondary school in Fulda - Germany, and Pudong Mofan Middle School in Shanghai is a true success story. On a regular basis the two institutions come together, providing an exchange experience to their students with exciting educational itineraries:

Reception with the city mayor

"Intercultural exchange can bring students to revise their own pattern of thinking, to take a close look at their own culture and to widen their perspective."

Breaking the ice

In order to make it easy for the students to open up towards the intercultural experience, we employ playful excercises to "break the ice". These activities are specific to cultural characteristics, such as a game to pick up gummy bears with chopsticks.

Cooperation excercises

As soon as an intercultural learning environment is established, the students are tasked with excercises, during which they need to work together. Guests and hosts need to agree on how to tackle their given tasks and to succeed. In Fulda the students had to build and programme competitive LEGO robots.

Intercultural communication

The students present their own culture, identify differences and discuss.

Only a few steps to establishing School Ambassadors

Get in touch with ASTUR
We are at your side during the entire planning process. You fill in a school profile sheet and we set out to find a match. Among the available institutions we identify a school that fits your criteria and establish contact.
Your students enrol
ASTUR will provide information material about the school ambassador we acquired for you. During a presentation at your school, your students and their parents are invited to join the programme. They receive our registration forms and have time to consider and enrol.
School ambassadors begins
ASTUR will make all arrangements for your school ambassador programme, designing an activity itinerary, booking accommodation and board as well as putting together the intercultural exchange experience. ASTUR will guide you through the entire experience.


If you are eager to know more about the programme, we recommend the following downloadable document:

Info sheet Scool Ambassador Programme

Any questions about School Ambassadors?

Our School Ambassador specialist Matthias is here to help! You can reach him

via landline at +49 661 296971-18

or via e-mail at

and discuss your stay at camp personally.