Free-time supervision

When you attend an ASTUR programme, you can enjoy your activities and courses carefree. We will look after you! Depending on participant age, the itinerary and other factors, an appropriate level of supervision will be ensured for every group. However, all our programmes have the following criteria in common:

  • All supervisors have received supervision training.
  • All participants can reach out to their supervisors at any time and without hassle.
  • Depending on participant age, we may allow higher levels of independence in individual cases.
  • Activity programmes are prepared at an early stage. So everyone is well-informed about dates and locations of their activities.
  • Our emergency hotline serves as fall-back 24/7.

We are taking care of you

ASTUR staff of teamers

Specially-trained ASTUR supervisors will be there for you during these programmes:

  • ASTUR summer camps
  • One-to-One premium
  • Mini group premium
  • Short-term Highschool premium
  • Our teamer staff will be looking after you at all times. They accompany you to the booked activities and make sure that you have a good time. In particular, they possess the following qualities:

  • Intensive training in the field of supervision of minors
  • Previous experience as supervisors
  • Well-balanced student-teamer ratio
  • As our teamers are young adults themselves, they can relate well to the wishes and interests of participants
  • ASTUR host families

    The ASTUR host families will be there for you during the following programmes:

  • ASTUR summer camps
  • Group travel
  • Language travel
  • Highschool programmes
  • Relying on our vast host family network is ASTUR's strong suit. You will almost always be accommodated with a typical German family. The fact that family structures may be very diverse in Germany, is also represented within our homestay base. Therefore, we count among our host families:

  • Married couples with and without children
  • Singles and single parents
  • Grandparents and retirees
  • All host families in our network are looking forward to welcoming international guests and all of them are reviewed by ASTUR. That way, we can verify that during your stay you will be accommodated in your own room with a bed, window, central heating etc. In general you will come home to your host family after your afternoon activities are over. You will have dinner with your host family and spend the evening with them. On the following morning, you will have breakfast and then leave for the day to go on more adventures.

    ASTUR Center Managers

    An ASTUR Center Manager will be there for you to a certain extend, depending on the programme you attend in Germany. When you join a class trip, the Center Manager will primarily talk to your teachers or group leaders. If, on the other hand, you attend high school in Germany, your Center Manager will be in touch with you and your host family more directly.

    ASTUR Center Managers have quite a few tasks. They look after all host families of their Center and serve as first contacts, should problems arise. If you and your host family are facing challenges or have difficulties communicating, your Center Manager will listen to you. Sometimes, a Center Manager accommodates students just as host families do. This is because they are very experienced when it comes to welcoming young adults from all across the world.

    Student-supervisor ratios for ASTUR programmes

    As operators of youth travel programmes, we have to strictly observe the respective youth protection legislation. Of particular importance is the fact that our guests arrive from countries all over the world. Therefore, ASTUR applies German laws for the protection of youth as well as the rules which apply at our participants' homes. Furthermore, there are additional sets of rules established by our host families to ensure a positive experience for families and guests. Naturally, family rules have to be respected just as well.

    As long as everyone moves within their boundaries during an activity programme in Germany, we will all be on the safe side. In certain cases, however, our supervisors may be inclined to allow individual freedoms, depending on your age and other factors. You will find more details below:

    8 - 12 years of age
    Our youngest participants need to be looked after most attentively. A big tour to Germany has a particular impact on the youngest, who may be especially excited to travel or suffer a lot from homesickness. But, not to worry, because ASTUR is well-prepared. Our Center Managers and host families know which circumstances ensure that young participants enjoy themselves during their trips. On camp we provide an increased staff-student ratio of 1:10.
    13 - 15 years of age
    Even though many 15-year-olds may protest: participants of that age group still count among the "young". This is why our supervisors are also very attentive when it comes to provide care and supervision. On camp the staff-student ratio of 1:10 applies for students up to the age of 14. The 'standard' rate of 1:15 comes into effect for adolescents aged 15 or older.
    16 - 17 years of age
    We believe that from the age of 16, our participants should be given the first opportunities to take a step towards independence. This is why our team of supervisors is more likely to allow certain freedoms, when supervising students of this age group. Should your teamers for example be convinced that you are a responsible young adult, certain freedoms may be granted after having talked about it. This is backed by youth protection legislation which in many cases considers youths aged 16 or 17 to be capable of greater responsibilities.
    18+ years of age
    Participants of age are offered assistance by our supervisors when it comes to questions of daily life in Germany or their arrival / departure. However, they will not receive supervision in the way it is provided for minors. Participants of age are free to organise their free-time activities as they see fit. ASTUR supervisors serve here as a safety net in the background. However, the rules established by host families - on the other hand - should be respected regardless of participant age after all.