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We are ASTUR, youth travel operator, based in Germany. From our headquarters in Fulda we have been organising international exchange and language acquisition programmes since 1986. Through our programmes we bring the world together. It makes us happy and proud to make our international partners and guest students more familiar with German language, culture and way of life.

Interested in group travel?
ASTUR is an experienced group travel operator and can assemble programmes to your needs and wishes. Whether you are planning a trip with your school class, sports club or orchestra, we would be thrilled to create the perfect trip for you.
ASTUR Summer Camps
Every year for the school summer holidays ASTUR offers international students the opportunity to make unforgettable experiences at one of our Summer Language Camps. Follow the link to get more details on where to go and what to do.
Discover the ASTUR destinations!
ASTUR operates approximately 40 Centers all across Germany. Here, our international guests are accommodated in our homestay network. Our host families welcome you with open hearts and open minds. Each Center is headed by a Center Manager who works in close contact with the ASTUR main office in Fulda.
Highschool in Germany
If you don't live in Gemany, but would like to experience life as a German student, we recommend you take a look at the ASTUR Highschool programmes. We can offer you stays ranging from 1 week to a whole school year.
Learning languages with ASTUR
Our motto is "Education made in Germany". This includes, on the forefront, teaching languages. Whether you are interested in learning German, English, French or Spanish: Based on the ASTUR educational method, we see to it that your language skills improve.
The ASTUR Blog
News, intriguing background information and many fun facts about living and learning in Germany wait for you on our blog pages. Take a look!
Our host family network
When you travel to Germany with ASTUR, you can choose from a large number of host family centers to be accommodated at. It improves language acquisition and intercultural competence. But make sure not to confuse a host family with a hotel.
ASTUR programmes for individual travelers

You would like to book our language travel programmes for yourself or a family member? In this case, all you need to do is to choose among our programmes the most appealing one listed below. Once you are decided on what programme to book, get in touch with the programme specialist and discuss the details.

Programmes for ASTUR partners

ASTUR offers all programmes of our portfolio to our business partners. Most often it is schools, associations or international agencies who opt for ASTUR programmes. Are you interested in cooperating with ASTUR and would like to know more?

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Get in touch

We are ASTUR... and we are happy to meet you! Join the ASTUR community, stay in touch with what is going on, share your experiences with other participants. It would be great to stay in touch on social media. Just click on the button to reach us on the various plattforms. 

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