Let us introduce ourselves

Welcome to ASTUR!

We are a language tour operator located in Fulda in Germany. Since our foundation in 1986 we have been providing international exchange and certified language acquisition programmes. Through the organisation and implementation of our services with destinations all across Germany - ranging from international Sommer Camps, tailor-made Language Travels and Highschool Programmes to Group Travel Programmes such as class trips for example or even Pathway College Programmes - ASTUR happily welcomes their guests. Being able to accommodate on average 15,000 international participants per year fills us with joy and pride. It is great to work together with such a diverse customer base, promoting German language, culture and way of life to adolescents and young adults from every corner of the world.

More about our organisation

The following tiles are to introduce ASTUR to you in more detail. The information is to give you a complete picture of our team and our work. Just click on a tile you find most interesting. For even more information, you are most welcome to get in touch with us.

Four pillars
There are four basic elements permeating through all programmes ASTUR has on offer. They determine how we do our work and can - at varying degress - be found everywhere. What we mean by those four pillars and how we define the values they represent, is shown here.
Programme portfolio
Via this panel you will get a comprehensive overview of all programmes in ASTUR's portfolio. Each programme boasts a unique combination of the four pillars with different focal points. Furthermore, you will be provided with a chart, illustrating the age groups for which our programmes are best suited.
Our catalogue
You prefer to take your time browsing through what we have to offer? Then follow this link and take a look at our catalogue. Feel free to peruse or download it as PDF to your system. An ideal way to tell others about us.
Company profile
Read up on our company and its history. Let us show you what we believe in and what we have achieved over the last 30 years.
The team behind ASTUR
What do the faces behind ASTUR look like? Follow this tile and find out. We are happy to introduce ourselves to you personally. It is very nice to meet you.
Teaching languages
Speaking a foreign language will bring about eye-opening experiences. Nearly all our programmes - for groups and individuals - is or can be equipped with a language course. Follow the link and discover how we teach foreign languages at ASTUR.
Certified quality
ASTUR has been an active member in the leading German youth travel associations for many years, gaining their certification to provide high quality standards. What the most prominent associations (Reisenetz and FDSV) stand for and how we cooperate with them is explained in detail here.
Free-time & supervision
All our programmes provision for free-time activities, which are appropriate for the different age groups of our participants. On the following page you can read up on what we have in store for our guests, when passing their free-time is concerned.